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Subversion of Politics, The : European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life by Katsiaficas

The Subversion of Politics

Since the modern anti-globalization movement kicked off with the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, a new generation has been engaging in anti-capitalist direct action. Its aims, politics, lifestyles, and tactics grow directly out of the autonomous social movements that emerged in Europe from the 1970s through the mid-1990s.  read more »

Why Critical Mass?

Promotional/informational flier circulated at Critical Mass rides, which addresses the following issues:
* Problems with car culture
* Why ride a bike?
* Why Critical Mass?
* Why do some people dislike Critical Mass? (How to answer the critics)
* The future?

Tides of Flame #11


early december 2011

How to Occupy a Vacant Building

All Power to the Glaziers: Recent Actions

Black Diamond Vs. YarrowBay

Forgotten History: The Earth Liberation Front

Thieves Like Us: An Anonymous Letter

My So-Called Life: I am an Anarchist Nanny

Tides of Flame #10


mid november 2011

Capitalism is Death

Somebody Burned a Bank!

Free Barcelona, 1936

Repression, Recuperation, Revolution, and the Occupations Movement

Occupy Seattle: What’s Happened Since Our Last Issue?

My So-Called Life: Waiting for Court

A Tribute to Voltarine de Cleyre on her 145th Birthday

download at: (8.46 mb)  read more »

Tides of Flame #9


early november 2011

Letter from Cairo

Capital Hell Commune: Nazi Beatdown and Joyous Revelry

Paris, Mai ’68

Cops Brutally Evict #OccupyOakland, Occupiers Up the Ante with General Strike

Recent Attacks in the Seattle Area

My So-Called Life

Things We Like: Refusing to Pay to Ride the Bus

Tides of Flame #8


mid october 2011

This is What Occupation Looks Like

Breaking the Myth of Egypt’s “Nonviolent Revolution”

Forgotten History: Anarchists and the Battle in Seattle

More Jobs? No thanks!

Police Are the Tool of the 1%

Tides of Flame #7


early october 2011

99% WHAT? – On Occupy Seattle

My So-Called Life

Tacoma Teachers Return, Take Students Hostage For Real This Time

Forgotten History: The Last Days of the George Jackson Brigade

The Eyes of a Monster

Built for Burning: The Knife Behind the Bullitt’s Back

Haunted, a poem

Tides of Flame #6


mid September 2011

Strike! – Longview, WA, Longshoremen

The Real War on Cars

Burnt & Open For All to See

Forgotten History: The 1916 Everett Massacre

Liberals Beg the Government to Follow Its Own Surveillance Laws

The Mythology of the Middle Class

Ciao, Autonomia!

Burning the Bridges They are Building




When I moved to Seattle many years after the infamous upheaval of 1999, I found almost no remnants of whatever had existed here. Certainly, I could find other anarchists, but for a long time I found myself in variations of the same conversation: How do we reach each other? What are we doing? Why does nothing happen?  read more »

We Have Had Enough


The text used in this poster was taken from 2 pieces of writing that appeared on handouts in Seattle in March of 2011. The first is What is an Anarchist? and the second is Anarchists: What The Fuck Are They Doing?

Anarchists look reality in the face and desire its complete transformation: the elimination of exploitation and domination.  read more »

10 Points on the Black Bloc



The February 13th heart attack march successfully clogged the arteries of capitalism by having a riotous time through the streets of Vancouver during the convergence against the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

In the immediate aftermath, supposed allies of the social denounced the tactics and attempted to distance themselves from the more radical elements in this movement.  read more »

Supporting the Prisoners of the G20 Police State


"What more human response could there be to a financial district—an urban space devoid of life, deprived of affordable rents, scoured of autonomous livelihoods, subordinated to the needs of traffic and commerce, held under the eye of surveillance cameras, occupied by police, and plagued with corporate outlets and banks—than to destroy it?"  read more »

Letters from Anarchist Prisoners of the "Bombs Case" in Chile


This document is a collection of letters from the Chilean anarchist “Bombs Case” prisoners, in an effort to share and spread their ideas beyond the prison walls.  read more »

Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism, CounterPower Vol. I

Black Flame-1.jpg

Black Flame (Counter-Power, Volume 1) is the first of a two-volume set examining the democratic class politics of the worldwide anarchist movement, its vision of a decentralized planned economy, and its impact on popular struggles on five continents over the course of the past 150 years.  read more »

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