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ASIF (Anarcho Surrealist Insurrectionary Feminist) Manifesto


A poetic surrealist-feminist text from 70s Australia.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

RockPaperScissors - Issue 5

RockPaperScissors - Issue 5 Cover

RockPaperScissors is a magazine published on the third Tuesday of every month.

We’re like-minded people, following the same path. We’re not so concerned with where this path started, but more with where it goes – towards a sane and sustainable way of living.  read more »

Anarchism: What It Is, What It Ain't

"Anarchism: What It Is, What It Ain't" cover

This pamphlet is a reprinting of an essay by Lawrence Jarach titled "Instead Of A Meeting: By Someone Too Irritated To Sit Through Another One." We share the author's frustration in dealing with the confusion surrounding anarchism, including that coming from some anarchists.  read more »

Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World by Steven J. Hirsch and Lucien van der Walt

Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World

Narratives of anarchist and syndicalist history during the era of the first globalization and imperialism (1870-1930) have overwhelmingly been constructed around a Western European tradition centered on discrete national cases.  read more »

Occupy All Streets #1


A new periodical dealing with the 2011 occupation movement. geared more towards a NYC audience, but hopefully interesting to everyone.

Anonymity/Security: A practical guide to computers for anarchists


This is a comprehensive guide written by and for non-techie anarchists. A variety of issues related to computer anonymity and security are explored in detail, with extensive links for further reading and exploration.  read more »

In the Thick of It


An essay from the French anarchist journal Guerre au Paradis.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

More, Much More


A collection of writings by Italian insurrectionary anarchist Massimo Passamani.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism


An introductory guide laying out insurrectionary anarchist praxis.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

Undesirables, The


On the changes in capital and the corresponding change in the terrain of struggle.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

Uncontrollable: Contributions Toward a Conscious Nihilism


On the revolutionary guerrillas Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

Without a Trace


An essay on insurrectionary anarchist methodology of informal revolt, anonymous attack, and autonomous self-organization.

-Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

Dumpster Union Dispatch #1


A very radical pamphlet from the Hungry Knife Artist Collective
Analysis & perspective from the U.S. - Mexico deserts
Radical Art Activism
Practical D.I.Y.
Solidarity & Sustainibilty
Readable version:
Printable version:

Henry Miller's Dionysian Anarchism - An Anti-Civ Reader

Henry Miller, 1-1.jpg

A tightly compiled zine of some of Henry Miller's best reflections on the decay of civilization, science, art, spirituality and public spaces. Excerpts from "The Colossus of Maroussi" 1941, in which Miller travels extensively through Greece and the Mediterranean Regions.

Getting to the Roots-Anarchist News From #occupyguelph


First issue of Getting to the Roots an #OccupyGuelph Anarchist Paper

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