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Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War

Tiqqun - Introduction to Civil War

"Society no longer exists, at least in the sense of a differentiated whole. There is only a tangle of norms and mechanisms through which THEY hold together the scattered tatters of the global biopolitical fabric, through which THEY prevent its violent disintegration. Empire is the administrator of this desolation, the supreme manager of a process of listless implosion."  read more »

We Give A Shit: An Analysis of the Pittsburgh G20


This is the third pamphlet in the Tactical Analysis Series. Part analysis of tactical movements, part action history, part tactical theory paper, this pamphlet was written as the result of 2 months of tactical research following the G20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh.  read more »

Against Pacifist Linearity


This is the second pamphlet of the Tactical Analysis Series. Following Gelderloos we can all say that pacifism is tactically problematic, but why?  read more »

Primer To Police Crowd Control Tactics and Frameworks, A


This pamphlet is the first in the Tactical Analysis Series. Based on a workshop by the same name this text will walk you through police situation analysis, especially as it pertains to crowd control situations, the order of analysis, tactical operations and their strengths and weaknesses, hand signals, formations and movements and terrain analysis.  read more »

Tides of Flame #3


Cops V. Party

Wild Noise Demo at Jail

Solidarity Continues in Prisoner Strike

Forgotten History: The Second Offensive of the George Jackson Brigade

Fare Dodger Receives Death Penalty

“Dog Doogity” is a Load of Crap

Notes on Community

¡Enrabiaos!”: Algunos apuntes acerca de la #Spanish revolution [Versión fotocopiar]


¡Enrabiaos!”: Algunos apuntes acerca de la #Spanish revolution  read more »

Tides of Flame #2


issue #2 – mid july 2011

* Blows to the Face of Society
* Gentrification: Art, Housing, Police
* Racist Cops ‘Victims of Racist Attack’
* Noise Demo Held at Youth Jail
* Forgotten History: Anarchists and Rebellion in Walla Walla State Prison
* The King County Panopticon: Living and Fighting Under the Eye of the Beast
* Scrambling for a Solution to the Transit Crisis  read more »

Interview from Segovia Prison with the Autonomous Groups


On the problem of armed struggle, the reactionary function of the CNT, & possible future developments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

By the comrades of the Spanish Federation of Anarchist Groups (F.I.G.A.)  read more »

Syndicalism In Myth And Reality


Tides of Flame


issue #1 – early july 2011

* Capital Hell
* Canucks Rioters Happy, Not Angry
* Barefoot Bandit will go unpaid for “Grand Theft Auto: Reality Edition”
* Uncontrollable Queers in Broadway Smash
* Recent Actions in Seattle
* Cops Forget Gun, Busy Drinking Starbucks
* Capitalists Swoop In to Save Horse Cops
* The Knox-Weiner Connection  read more »

Support the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers!

Support the Hunger Strike!

Here is a new poster made to disseminate information about the hunger strike going on in California prisons. It's 11x17" format, 2-sided with the prisoners' full demands on the back. Available in color and black&white.

here's the text:

Solidarity with the Prisoners on Hunger Strike in California!

Solidarity with Prison Rebels Everywhere!  read more »

¡Enrabiaos! Algunos apuntes acerca de la #Spanish revolution


Un fantasma recorre europa: el fantasma de la indignación. Ya no es nece-saria una rabia, un odio hacia la clase antagónica, ni siquiera hace falta reconocer su existencia, ni de quienes—con porra y pistola en mano— se encargan de defenderla. Con estar indignado es suficiente.  read more »

Act/React #2: a zine by grand rapids anarchists


Act/React is a submission-based zine centered around anarchism in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s currently being published on a monthly basis.

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