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Like a Winter with a Thousand Decembers


On the recent Dec. 2008 uprising in Greece.

Intersections #3


Common Action announces the third issue of our quarterly newsletter Intersections. Schools, coffee houses, factories and movie theaters from an anarchist perspective - straight to your neighborhood coffee shop, laundromat, bus stop, you name it!

This issue's contents include:

* Special Ed Forced Labor in Puget Sound Schools
by Jeff Berryhill and Brooke Stepp
* Not Just Strong Coffee, Coffee Strong!
Interview with GI Coffee House organizer Joshua Simpson
by Christa Kilduff
* The Blame Games Against Workers:
Bailouts, the Big Three, and the UAW  read more »

Intersections #2


Common Action announces the second issue of our newsletter Intersections. Whether its government bailouts, busses, or baseball, our newsletter strives to bring anarchist ideas to community and neighborhood issues. We hope you enjoy it!

This issue's contents include:

* Economic Rescue From the Bottom Up
by Greg A.
* Economic Crisis: Anarchist Solutions from Mexico
by Joshua Neuhouser
* WASL Fight Heats Up
by Sylvia Jones
* Portland, OR: No to High Bus Fares
by Brandon Feld
* Big Money, Bad Baseball
by Andrew Hedden  read more »

VOCAL: Comunicados de la lucha popular libertaria en Oaxaca

little kid with mask redblack2.jpg

Comunicados escritos por Voces Oaxaquenas Construyendo Autonomia y Libertad (VOCAL) y David Venegas Reyes, integrantes de la APPO en Oaxaca.

Communiques written by VOCAL and David Venegas during the APPO struggle in Oaxaca.

Writings of Lucy Parsons, The


Selected writings by Lucy Parsons, wife of Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons and IWW organizer. Includes: "Principles of Anarchism" and "To Tramps."

Sticks and Stones #1


Sticks and Stones seeks to provide a mouthpiece as well as a forum for the Santa Cruz radical community—a means of communicating among ourselves, and with the general public as well, on topics of personal and social concern. We are interested in publishing essays, articles, rants, and visions of all kinds which come from this community and this region. We are interested in words that are not content to sit still on the page, but can jump off of it to set the world on fire!  read more »

Anarcho Syndicalism by Rudolf Rocker


Principles, Proposition, and Discussions

For Land and Freedom

Green Anarchy Magazine

What Is Anarchism an Introduction with Donald Rooum

What is AnarchismAnIntroductionDonaldRooum-1.jpg

with other writers

Russian anarchists, The

Newssheet of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement


The first issue of Solidarity, free monthly newssheet of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement.
This issue has a special feature on water issues across Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Download a pdf of the newssheet at or read the articles online at


* Not our crisis! Resist attacks on workers
* Water meters for Wellington?
* Profile: Auckland Water Pressure Group  read more »

Anarchist News Letter - ATubes Feburary 2009


To commemorate the exciting developments at Anarchist News and in anarchodom around the world we have created a static page for the Anarchist News newsletter ATubes. The latest and greatest ATubes will always be there. Check out This months issue.  read more »

New School Occupation, The


The New School Occupation: perspectives on the takeover of a building, or, why do student organizers bother to get out of bed in the morning? Anti-democratic reflections on the recent New School occupation, a case study of occupation as non-event, and seven points on occupation.

See also "Preoccupied" on this site, for more writings coming out of this occurrence.

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