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How to Organize an Insurrection


CrimethInc.'s study of the Greek insurrection, made into zine format for distro.

Pretty Objects of Revolt


Pretty Objects of Revolt
by the Institute for Experimental Freedom
about the Greek insurrection

Vengeance: Class Hatred and Lovelorn Ramblings


Vengeance: Class Hatred and Lovelorn Ramblings
by Crudo, Modesto Anarcho (10.5 mb)

To Challenge Domination. To Challenge Submission.


A brief response to the current situation in the Cascade region.

Non Fides N°2

Non Fides N°1

Non Fides N°1

Journal anarchiste apériodique N°1. Paris.

Download: (15.1 mb)

Constructive Anarchism in Aotearoa

Anarchy Logo-worker copy.jpg

This pdf text — 'Constructive Anarchism in Aotearoa' — puts forward some ideas on constructive anarchist action, in oder to encourage discussion. Please read, forward widely to anyone interested, and most importantly, respond!

The text is probably too long to place here in full, but it deals with ideas around constructive action we as anarchists can take in our current state of low visibility, especially in the workplace and in our communities. I've tried to write a text I've always wanted to read with regard to concrete anarchist action in NZ.  read more »

Katarzis - Year of Resistance (2007)


Journal in English of the activities in year 2007 by the Bulgarian DIY collective Katarzis. Plus articles about the environmentalist problems in Bulgaria.
for contact:

Fight Speciesism! #7 - Out Now


January issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.


- In Memory of Barry Horne
- NYSE:LSR Under Attack
- Hunt Sabbing News
- Mink Released
- Insurrection in Mexico
- Letter from Sean Kirtley
- Whalers On The Run
- Global Roundup
- Telmex Campaign
- Uprising in Greece

Solidarity with Greek Anarchists


This flyer was handed out at a solidarity rally in Olympia WA in support of Greek anarchists Dec. 11, 2008. The flyer also mentions the death of Jose Ramirez-Jimenez who was shot to death by Olympia Police.

Fundamentals Of Anarchism: What Is Equality?


Fundamentals of Anarchism: What Is Socialism?


Conversation with Uri Gordon, A


The author of "Anarchy Alive!" says the economic meltdown is a sign capitalism has reached its limits and explains why he won't be voting or serving in any army.

Interview by David B. Green in Haaretz Magazine November 2008 p.22

BAAM #14


Don't be Afraid, Just be ready by Jeff Reinhardt
Bailout the People, not the banks by anonymous
The Massachusetts Ballot questions: Adrienne, Jake Carman, and Cady
Jericho 10/10 weeked of resistance - by Molly
RNC Legal Defense: AN Arestee-eye's view by Sublett
BIolab Panel Takes Flak from Locals by Jeff Reinhardt

Zucchini #2 (IN FINNISH)

front and back cover / etu- ja takakansi

Versions for web and print.

Zine contains ninjas, freak surveillance technologies, propaganda, some recipes, comics, poems,  DIY stuff and a lot more.



Anna äänesi kuulua,
huuda ajatuksesi ilmoille.
Lopeta hiljaisuus.

Anna mielipiteesi näkyä,
kirjoita se seinään.

Purista vihaa nyrkissäsi. Heitä se pois,
kohti tunteettomuuden symboleja.

Rakasta rohkeutta, syleile vapautta.  read more »

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