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Fundamentals of Anarchism: What Is Socialism?


Conversation with Uri Gordon, A


The author of "Anarchy Alive!" says the economic meltdown is a sign capitalism has reached its limits and explains why he won't be voting or serving in any army.

Interview by David B. Green in Haaretz Magazine November 2008 p.22

BAAM #14


Don't be Afraid, Just be ready by Jeff Reinhardt
Bailout the People, not the banks by anonymous
The Massachusetts Ballot questions: Adrienne, Jake Carman, and Cady
Jericho 10/10 weeked of resistance - by Molly
RNC Legal Defense: AN Arestee-eye's view by Sublett
BIolab Panel Takes Flak from Locals by Jeff Reinhardt

Zucchini #2 (IN FINNISH)

front and back cover / etu- ja takakansi

Versions for web and print.

Zine contains ninjas, freak surveillance technologies, propaganda, some recipes, comics, poems,  DIY stuff and a lot more.



Anna äänesi kuulua,
huuda ajatuksesi ilmoille.
Lopeta hiljaisuus.

Anna mielipiteesi näkyä,
kirjoita se seinään.

Purista vihaa nyrkissäsi. Heitä se pois,
kohti tunteettomuuden symboleja.

Rakasta rohkeutta, syleile vapautta.  read more »

Conflict Resolution Circles


This is a handout from the Rock Dove Collective that provides an outline for an alternative model of dealing with conflict -- no police, no state, no hierarchy, no jail.  It's community-based and centers around bringing people who are affected by a conflict into a facilitated circle to talk about the issues and feelings that arise from the conflict.  A good beginning.

Also included is a word document with an example script outline for facilitators, as well as an outline of what circles are and aren't intended to do.

Fire to the Prisons #4


Fire to the prisons for is an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly periodical that is distributed all over the world. It is intended to provoke a strong community of revolutionary solidarity. Every issue focuses on anarchist analysis, political prisoner awareness, actions conducted in solidarity with others prisons and campaigns, indigenous solidarity, and more. The article content for this issue is listed below. The link to download the PDF is available below, just cut and paste it to your web browser, and click the download link.  read more »

Anarchism Articulated


An in-depth intro to social anarchist ideas from a platformist/especefista perspective.

Becoming Riot: some accounts and analysis regarding the 2008 Republican National Convention


If the RNC was a petri dish for social conflict, what have we learned? How can we generalize social conflict on our terms, to maintain and strengthen our collective power and autonomy?  This zine was compiled as an effort to forward this ongoing discussion, for futher experimentation.

Compiled by FRIENDS (criminal anarchists from Milwaukee)


Anarchism and Political Theory: Contemporary Problems


by Uri Gordon

Contact uri at riseup dot net  read more »



Common Action is proud to announce the publication of our newsletter Intersections. Written with regular people in mind, the newsletter strives to connect community issues to anarchist ideas, serving as a paper that any neighbor might find interesting, informative, and reliable. It can be left in laundromats and bus seats just as easily as a radical bookstore.

This issue's contents include:

Whose Streets? Gentrification in Seattle by Andrew Hedden and Jacquelyn Hermer

Northwest Anarchist People of Color Gathering: A Report-Back by Brooke Stepp  read more »

dj QuestionMark Audio Archive

Welcome to Dj Questionmark's Audio Archive. Here you will find interviews with people about a veriety of topics since 2004.These interviews aired on pirate radio Free Radio Olympia 98.5 fm, Weird Radio Portland 93.7fm, Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 fm and LP-FM KOWA 106.5fm.  read more »

After DNC/RNC, fight ICE and support immigrant rights struggle: a call to action

After RNC, Fight ICE

Amazing anarchist organizing for the past couple years came out of the DNC/RNC.  Let's take this organizing, the networks, the friendships, and the momentum and organize and fight to strike down one of the most oppressive terrorist institutions of our time: Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  read more »

Dispossessed, The - Ursula K Le Guin


the whole book

Modesto Anarcho #9


Two year anniversary issue! Packed full with articles, direct action and repression reports, prisoner letters, and much more! Download and share with friends.

Download at: (14.8 mb)

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