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International Day of Solidarity with the October 15th Arrestees 2008 (Aotearoa, NZ)

International Day of Solidarity with the October 15th Arrestees 2008  (Aotearoa, NZ)

Screenpinted poster to raise funds for the October 15th defense fund. Poster designed and hand printed by Garage Collective.
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Expect Resistance


A field manual by CrimethInc.

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Anarchy by Malatesta


by Errico Malatesta

Freedom Press 

Wildfire #2


an anti-civilisation bulletin

autumn 2005 

Warrior Wind #2, The


Against a society of confinement: "Blow, wild wild, blow!"

Mid-April 2006 

Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism


by Sasha K.

Insurrectional Project, The


by Alfredo M. Bonanno

Revolutionary Solidarity



With essays from

Daniela Carmignani

Pierleone Porcu

Wolfi Landstreicher

Killing King Abacus 

Fight Speciesism! #2

Solidarity Is A Weapon - Free Sean Kirtley

June 2008

From Punk To Proudhon? A brief history of Garage Collective

Punk to Proudhon cover.jpg

Follow up to 'This is not a manifesto — towards an alternative design practice', this is a 2 page, double-sided zine on art, design and the ideas of Garage Collective. Mainly deals with the idea of cultural agitation and alternative practices.

Brushfire May 2008


Gainesville FL

Download at: (7.26 mb)

D.I.Y. Anarchy--Getting Started for the New Anarchist


A small guide for those who are new to anarchy, who are without other anarchists who can support them, or are afraid or have difficulty performing direct action. Advice from my own experiences and the experiences of others.

Brushfire April 2008


Floridas radical/anarchist networking and news zine

More Resources for Iranian Anarchism


in Arabic

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