Animal Liberation


Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #8, 2013

Hello, comrade!

We are all units that can unite to create a just future. But all attempts are predetermined to fail, as long as these units are zeros.  read more »

Contemplating A Veganarchist Society


In his 1995 pamphlet, Animal Liberation and Social Revolution, Brian A. Dominick attempts to demonstrate that social change must include an understanding of social relationships, as well as the relationships between humans, non-human animals, and nature.  read more »

Nothing Humane About Animal Slaughter - By Shaun Riley


Often, the methods used to slaughter animals for human consumption are promoted as being “humane.” By using this euphemism, the meat industry justifies enslaving and murdering countless sentient animals, such as cows, pigs, and chickens each year in factory farms, while society lives with the guilt free illusion that cold-blooded murder can be carried out with compassion.  read more »

H.E.A.L. by The Infidel Collective - Flyer

The Infidel Collective Logo

H.E.A.L. stands for Human, Earth and Animal Liberation. We are all interconnected with one another and must recognize that every action we take has an effect on the world around us. Print out this flyer and post it everywhere.

Selected Writings of Gender Anarky

Gender Anarky (Imposed)-1.jpg

selected writings of the Gender Anarky collective in the CA prison system.

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Kadun Kuvalehti, hetkinen 1/2012 zine


A Finnish language counterculture zine.

Kadun Kuvalehti, hetkinen 1/2012 zine


A Finnish language counterculture zine.

Zine Esgurmitado de Marmitex Edição 06/2012

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Earth Warriors are OK!

mgs zine 3.jpg

This was the last version of the anti-state repression zine published by EWOK! (Earth Warriors are OK!), a group that dealth with Midwest Green Scare repression from 2006-2010.

Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth edited by Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella, III

Igniting A Revolution - Voices in Defense of the Earth

Global warming, acid rain, deforestation, air and water pollution are but a few of the overwhelming indicators that the earth's health is worsening. For decades, environmental groups have been resisting the destructive trends set by industry and government, but as the social and political climate has changed, popular protest movements have become less and less effective.  read more »

Endgame Volume 2: Resistance by Derrick Jensen

Endgame Volume 2 - Resistance

In Endgame Volume 2: Resistance, Derrick Jensen calls for determined and even violent resistance to environmental degradation. Jensen comes across in volume I as a provocative but personable philosopher-activist who in lyrical and witty writing bemoans species extinction, sullied air quality, shrinking icecaps, expanding deserts and vanishing forests wrought by humans.  read more »

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