S.kills is a comic about consent and being an ally. The zine also shows how survivors receive too little support or even worse their power to define what they experienced gets questioned.
Feel free to copy & spread

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ABC's of Anarchy


It's Alphabetic Anarchy!

The only ABC's of Anarchy book (so far?) designed and suitable for children of all ages. Infants will love the imagery, Toddlers will thrive on learning the alphabet, and preschoolers will soak up the content while learning to read.  read more »

Breaking Free: The Adventures of TinTin

Breaking Free

He's back, and he's bad! Now TinTin's back with his all his pals—Captain Haddock, et al.—battling it out against the State and bringing the old world to its knees, in a classic full-length graphic story of love, struggle, and freedom. Give to your little niece or nephew for an adventure they can really get stuck into!

Police State Funnies- Toronto G20


A one-frame comic for printing out. I have no idea who the guy in the picture is.

More police state funnies here...

Rum-Muffel: Split zine from Rumlad and Morgenmuffel


Steve and Isy went on an adventure, then drew about it.

Both Steve and Isy are taking part in a month long tour of the USA, from Portland to New York. August through September. For more information and dates visit

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Police State Funnies- June 2010, Columbus, OH

Police State Funnies

Funny little comics based on actual interactions with police. Make your own!

The police are not a uniform monolith. They are a collection of individuals, full of human features: doubt, uncertainty, complex motives and mixed loyalties. The divisions between them can be highlighted, and expanded. Their ranks can be divided and their power undermined.  read more »

Bohemian Fuckup #1


Bohemian Fuckup #1 is a comic/ rant zine by Royce Icon. Features personal comics and a rant about legalizing prostitution.

Funniest Man in the World, The



Unemployment #2

Unemployment #2

Unemployment #2 is a 26 pages comic made in 2009/10 by a citizen of the country where fascism was invented, that spent 3 years of his life in the isolated island of Iceland.

The comic contains stupid stories but also reflections about disillusionament from anarchism, gender roles, art, animals, daily routines and deadly diseases.

If you are interested you can find Unemployment #1 on Flickr



Hey-ho, my friends united by struggle, hopes and disappointments. This is a zine MAALOX which is sometimes serious sometimes funny - impression from some activist camps and "big" protests.
and see you on the barricades!

with love and anarchy

Collapse or Explosion?


An exploration in images and words of the most troubling political event of our new century.

by Liam Scheff. find out more at

Dumpster Revolt: Comic Charts the Path from Lifestylism to Insurrection


Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness have published a hilarious comic lampooning insurrectionists, "lifestyle anarchists," participants in last September's G20 protests, and the disproportionate power that waste receptacles seem to exert over the anarchist imagination.  read more »

fetish speaks, The


by fredy perlman.

for yadira lopez, ha!

Funboat diplomacy


'Funboat diplomacy' is a short satirical fact/fiction about the UK government's latest proposals to counter Internet piracy. This work builds on some of the rumours that were flying around the story.

Format: PDF booklet
Dave Miller (Summer 2009)

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