Civilization McDonald's Kid De-Motivational Poster

Civilization McDonald's Kid De-motivational Poster

Part of a continuing series of anti-civ posters using dictionary definitions of civilization and shocking images to promote primitivist politics.

Civilization Intellect De-Motivational Poster

Civilization Intellect De-Motivational Poster

This de-motivational poster is part of a series using dictionary definitions and amazing and horrifying images to demean, discredit, and vilify civilization. Enjoy!

Civilization De-motivational Poster

Civilization: Epic Fail

This is the second in a series of anarchist/politically-motivated joke de-motivational posters I'm developing. All your memes are belong to us!

Visit for more.

Emma Goldman Chaotic Good De-motivational Poster

Emma Goldman, Chaotic Good

This small poster is part of a series of anarchist and politically inspired de-motivational joke posters that I'm currently working on. Behold: now your favorite internet meme has come to zine library!

More at:

Now Serving Felonies - An illustrated zine from the confines of prison.

Now Serving Felonies

The story flows as a collection of images and words from both HERT (Ian Debeer) and MFONE (Daniel Montano). It speaks to where they are at right now, what conclusions and questions they drawn, and the beautiful works that touched our lives. The zine also draws the clear distinction between revolutionary objectives and the states role.

Kalender Hafenstrasse Hamburg 2011


Kalender Hafenstrasse Hamburg 2011

Art & Science of Billboard Improvement, The 2nd ed.

Art & Science of Billboard Improvement 2nd edition

Everything you wanted to know about how to rearrange that offensive advertisement.

Museum of the Streets


Foundational text by Abbie Hoffman of the Yippies! on guerrilla theater, creative actions, and generally subversive communication.

If They Only Knew #3


Concord, California's answer to Absolutely Zippo.
Issue number 3 is composed mainly of an interview with local graffiti vandals from suburban Walnut Creek, ca.

Space Wars


Space Wars was released in October 2008 and includes discussions on graffiti, squatting in the woods and the city, liberating space and more.

Download at: (15.1 mb)

Billboards In Manchester- A research project

Billboards in Manchester-1.jpg

Research results of peoples opinions of billboards in Manchester, UK

banksy - "existencilism"


Banksy book 2 - Existencilism
Existencilism is the second book featuring stencil graffiti by Banksy. This time in colour it shows hits around the world and a load of graf from London, including hits on the Tate, Houses of Parliament and the Millennium Bridge. All supported by more invective such as "All artists are willing to suffer for their work. But why are so few prepared to learn to draw?" (57.4 mb)

banksy: "banging your head against a brick wall"


banksy's first book; "banging your head against a brick wall" the book is in english.Even though if you don't know english well, you can even download for the images and the "works" of urban art guerilla banksy.

Download: (57 MB) your head against a brick wall.pdf

Walls are Alive, The


a how-to graffiti guide for those who scheme and for those who dream
by Crimethinc.


January 2005 Issue #1

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