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Protest: Stop the 90 Day Fire at Will Bill


Poster: stop the 90 Day Fire at Will Bill.

90 Day Fire at Will: changes to employment law & what we can do to fight them (NZ)


90 Day Fire at Will: changes to employment law & what we can do to fight them (NZ). Ready to print A4 flyer.

Mapuche Solidarity Demo - Information Flier


August 12th is a call-out day for solidarity actions with Mapuche political prisoners, who are nearing the one-month mark of a hunger strike. This is a double-sided half sheet flier that could be useful to hand out at a demo or event. One side is background about the Mapuche conflict and the other side is a statement from the prisoners at El Manzano Prison in Conception.  read more »

Worker's Rights Manual for Washington State, 2nd Edition

Complete English Long 9-25-08-1.jpg

This manual is intended to be an easy-to-use reference on workplace rights. When workers know what their on-the-job rights are, they can protect themselves and fight effectively against possible employer abuse.

This is our second printing of the manual. It contains new information and resources, current as of March 2008. We have learned that the laws on workplace rights change a good deal in a year. We will try keep the online long, unabbreviated version of the guide updated (see below).  read more »

Methods of Struggle: Anarcho-Syndicalist Tactics


The following text was written to help people discover, remind themselves or popularize the various syndicalist methods of struggle.

By an anarcho-syndicalist militant, CNT-AIT, 2006.
Translated by Cobbler and 888 for
Design by Jared Davidson.

South Side Chicago ARA Zine July 31, 2010


This zine documents some of the work we’ve been up to so far in the first year of South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action and was prepared for the July 31 2010 Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism. We hope that this publication will start a larger discussion in strategizing ways we can more effectively combat all forms of oppression in our city.

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
southsidechicagoara at hushmail dot com  read more »

Civilization and its latest Discontents. Review: Against History, Against Leviathan!


Fredy Perlman's influential book Against His-tory, Against Leviathan! expresses the position of the new 'primitivist' current in which the enemy is not capital but progress. Going beyond leftist notions of the basic neutrality of technology is a step in the right direction; but seeing all technology as essentially alienating is a mystification. Since it is itself an expression in theory of a radical setback, primitivism contributes little to the practical problem we all face of overthrowing capitalism.

Nothing Burns in Hell: On Delinquents and Respectable Citizens


A situationist critique of "delinquents" and "respectable citizens": "We are typically given to understand that delinquents are rejecting the norms of society, and respectable citizens are being impoverished by a loss of the tranquil enjoyment of ordinary life. This way of viewing matters is perfectly misconceived. The problem is not that young delinquents have gone too far in their defiance of the dominant society, but that they have not gone far enough. The problem is not that the lives of the respectable citizens of this society have become disturbed, but that they have remained frozen.  read more »

Beyond Representation: Tactics for building a culture of resistance

Beyond Representation

"Revisiting successful aspects of the anarcho-syndicalist tradition and its tactics of revolutionary struggle (within and outside of the workplace) is something that could potentially move beyond representation and build the culture of resistance. By coming together in one network based on direct action, solidarity and the ideas of anarchism, we could offer a very real alternative to both reformist action and the capitalist system itself. It could do what the current unions can’t or won’t do."  read more »

Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism, The


In 1977 they made shotguns in prison and did patrols. They were willing to die to stop prison rape.

"I'll tell you what, we were some tough faggots." Ed Mead, Men Against Sexism organizer 1997

Combahee River Collective Statement (1977)


Revolutionary Black Feminist in 1977 provide a glimpse of early intersectional thought.

Mirror of Production, The (Jean Baudrillard)


In this essay, Jean Baudrillard elaborates a radical critique of Marxism through its deployment of productivity and value (abstract labor, and deductively, useful labor—or Man, “man as labor”—value in general). The two-fold character of labor is a necessary conceptual tool for analyzing the capitalist mode of production, but to the question of how to destroy the capitalist mode of production, it offers little. Rallying behind one form of value does not aide the destruction of the system of value production.  read more »

International Circle of Anti-Bolshevik Communists, The


This is an introduction to and the manifesto of the International Circle of Anti-Bolshevik Communists, an anti-state communist network from South America. The text can be found online at:

Attached is the print version of a pamphlet containing these texts

Korean Working Class, The : From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat 1987-2008


Pamphlet put together on the occasion of a screening of the film '파산의 기술記述 | Description of a Bankrutpcy'

Excerpts from Loren Goldner, 'The Korean Working Class: From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat 1987-2008' and text about the film.  read more »

TWO SHORT STORIES by Nanni Balestrini


Nanni Balestrini was born in Milan in 1935. Known both as an experimental writer of prose and verse and as a cultural and political activist, he played a leading role in avant-garde writing and publishing in the sixties. His involvement with the extra-parliamentary left in the seventies resulted in terrorism charges (of which he was subsequently acquitted) and a long period of self- imposed exile from Italy.  read more »

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