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Banks Got Theirs, The. When Do You Get Yours?


Human Strike in plain fucking english.

Use the space at the bottom of the last page or back cover to list your local radical resources: infoshops/cooperatives/occupations and distribute to people with an interest in human strike, but who aren't so interested in French philosophy or May 68.

Pizza Time Strike 5 Year Anniversary Feb. 12


Art of Rent, The: Globalization, Monopoly and the Commodification of Culture

The Art of Rent

The Art of Rent: Globalization, Monopoly and the Commodification of Culture
By David Harvey  read more »

Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City: Berlin’s Factory of Culture and the Sabotage of Rent

Beyond The Ruins Of The Creative City

Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City: Berlin’s Factory of Culture and the Sabotage of Rent

by Matteo Pasquinelli


"Throughout Berlin and the whole of Europe, we are witnessing the condensation of a peculiar form of cultural capital as the leading force behind real estate and the ‘creative cities’ strategy of city councils eager to attract both investments and highly skilled workers. As a result, the real estate business, has established a perverse machinery in alliance with the art world  read more »

Portugal 1974 / 1984 (Two texts)

Portugal 1974 / 1984

PORTUGAL 1974 / 1984 Two texts

In 1974, Portugal had a revolution. By 1984, what was left of the occupations, the land take-overs, the changes and the dynamic class struggles?

- From the End of Empire To the Empire of the End (1984)

- O Jornal Combate (1974)

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PUBLISHERS NOTE: Reprinted by invisible hands because the texts on the Revolt Against Plenty site are so damn good and we’ve been reading them since we were teens!

Never Work

Never Work

When Guy Debord of the Situationist International graffitied the slogan “Never Work!” onto the walls of a Parisian street in 1953, he struck a blow in solidarity with the radical current of left communism which locates the wage-labour relation as the central pillar of capitalist relations and therefore the prime locus of attack. It is, of course, a banality that we need to work in order to produce for our basic needs. But what is at question here is the naure of that work, for whom, andto what end? Useful work? Or useless toil?

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Collective Liberation


on my mind

essays by Chris Crass

Download At: (12.3 mb)

Little Monsieur Dupont Reader on Activism, Democracy, and Other Obstacles to Revolution, A



They saw the effects, but not the cause: A little Monsieur Dupont reader on activism, democracy and other obstacles to revolution.  read more »

(Re)designed Poverty Of Student Life

The Poverty Of Student Life-1.jpg

I really was not into the current available zine of the Poverty of Student Life.

Redesigned and new release of Poverty of Student Life.

Hope y'all enjoy it, disto it.

Translation source

-A-Team 301

Crisis in California: Everything touched by capital turns toxic


The United States’ most populous state, California is the world’s eighth largest economy. The state has some of the planet’s most productive farmland and in the 1990s enjoyed an extensive real-estate boom. But intensive, industrialised agriculture has polluted much of the environment and now, with more foreclosed homes than anywhere else in the world, it is also home to a growing number of tent cities. Gifford Hartman takes us on a road trip through California’s Central Valley to witness the toxicity: of mortgages and ecosystems, houses, drugs and human relations.

Labor Law For The Rank And Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear Of The Law


by Staughton Lynd and Daniel Gross

Notes from the class struggle: small group workplace organising


This pamphlet aims to show what small groups and unions can achieve in workplace disputes. These examples and analyses of successful small-scale actions should prove instructive to workers in a variety of fields from a variety of backgrounds, whether they are in the transport or manufacturing sector, students or illegal immigrants, or are employed in another branch of industry. The articles collected here show that through creativity, organization and fighting spirit small groups of workers and activists are more than able to hold their own against the bosses.  read more »

Edinburgh Muckraker, The - Issue 2


The second issue of Edinburgh Muckraker, a freesheet produced and distributed in support of local government workers struggling against pay cuts.

The Edinburgh Muckraker is produced by an independent group in solidarity with council workers, to inform the people of Edinburgh what is really going on behind the lies, misinformation and threats.

We encourage and assist effective action to win this dispute. We aim to help Council and other workers to come together across sectional and union divides.  read more »

Edinburgh Muckraker, The - Issue 1


• Making sense of Modernising pay
• Council spends fortune on scabs
• Leeds & Liverpool out on strike
• Edinburgh cuts put elderly at risk
• Glasgow workers win after 3 weeks’ action

Thanks to the Edinburgh General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World whose financial support made it possible to publish this news-sheet.

IWW c/o 17 W Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA

Branch meetings 7pm for 7.30pm the second Monday of each month at above address.

Exploit The System, Bankrupt The University


A flyer about why one might choose to max out their student loans, credit cards, etc... and foment revolution instead of paying them back.

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