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Class Struggle

May Day and Beyond


The radical contexts of the struggle for immigrant rights

english and spanish

This pamphlet is meant to promote dialogue and solidarity among our various movements for justice and against oppression.

It includes a history of Mayday and workers' struggles in the United States and analysis of the relationship between militarized borders and neo-liberal development, militarism abroad and the struggle(s) for immigrant rights at home.

It is written with an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian perspective in order to provide a historical context and strengthen our movements.  read more »

Rebel, The #3


Our efforts have paid off, we think the third issue is the best yet.

The state continues to fail and we continue to report on it.

Feel free to contact us.

Black Friday Recession Sale!


Here is one more poster for black friday.

This one is for taping to shelves.



establishing a culture of resistance

Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations, Greece 2008

Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations, Greece 2008

The good people at the 56a Infoshop in London have released “Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations”. The book is 150 pages long (!) and contains an introduction by the 56a collective, two chronologies from Athens and Thessaloniki, 15+ texts and communiques from the streets and occupations plus analysis from Greek group TPTG and afterword. It costs £5 and is available from 56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton St, London SE17 3AE UK (opening hours Wed 3-7, Thu 2-8, Fri 3-7 and Sat 2-6pm. For mail order, check Active Distribution (  read more »

Os Destruidores de Máquinas - Christian Ferrer

Christian Ferrer - Os Destruidores de Máquinas-1.jpg

Wall Street Is At War With America


Rioting And Looting as a Modern Form of Potlatch


by Neal Keating

Periferia - Número 02


Of Tea Parties and Patriots: In Defense of True Liberty for All


A new pamphlet, based on Dave Strano's article "Of Tea Parties and Patriots..." written for participants in the Tea Party and U.S. Libertarian movement, is ready for printing and distribution. Many people are disaffected and angry right now, and countering the racist hatred and conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul are essential to combating fascism in America and gaining allies in our struggle for a free society.
These are our people, our families, our movement, and we can't let the mouthpieces of racists and the rich divide and conquer us.

Beyond Zombie Politics


This short and incomplete critique of efforts to resist the restructuring of higher education in California is written from a sympathetic standpoint. Without claiming to know what the best vision or path forward is we offer only the recognition of problems which we feel have so far gone unacknowledged in the rhetoric and strategies of many faculty, students, and workers as they oppose the plans of the state’s elite policy makers to increase flow of private funds, raise fees, reduce salaries, cut programs, and more.


Tutto Citta (Takeover the City) - Memories of a Metropolitan Indian

Tutto Citta (Takeover the City) - Memories of a Metropolitan Indian

From 'Tutto Citta (Takeover the City) - Memories of a Metropolitan Indian'

'To describe the guerrilla events that took place that day, which the press described as “Black Saturday” may appear superfluous. But it is useful for measuring the range of confrontation which in spite of the insanity shall always remain a moment not easily forgotten.  read more »

Reflections on work, legal aid and the welfare state



I am a legal aid worker. This document is an anti-capitalist analysis of legal aid. It will try to counter reactionary perspectives on legal aid and the welfare state that I hear from people around me. I intend to share this with coworkers, friends, and other workers in order to start some conversations and encourage people to resist the system that exploits, alienates, and pacifies them.  read more »

Living Learning

Living Learning Booklet web-1.jpg

Living Learning is the collected notes from an extraordinary series of discussions between militants of two key movements in contemporary South Africa, Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Rural Network. When, in late 2008, they made the decision to publish them, these authors explained that “this Living Learning is a living testimony and a record of how we made reflections and distinctions about what we face in life and in our learning. Living Learning is part of a living politics”.

From the Bottom Up


Three texts by Anton Pannekoek

Party and Class (1941)
Strikes (1948)
Why Past Revolutionary Movements Have Failed (1940)

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