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Class Struggle

Undesireables, The


September 2000

a Venomous Butterfly Publication

also An Elephant Edition version  read more »

Justice From Bean to Cup


Starbucks 2006 Corporate Irresponsibility Report

by IWW Starbucks Workers Union 

From Punk To Proudhon? A brief history of Garage Collective

Punk to Proudhon cover.jpg

Follow up to 'This is not a manifesto — towards an alternative design practice', this is a 2 page, double-sided zine on art, design and the ideas of Garage Collective. Mainly deals with the idea of cultural agitation and alternative practices.

Workers Autonomy


Originally Compiled by Elephant Editions


Sex, Class and Woman's Oppression


articles from Workers Solidarity


What is OCAP?


an introduction to the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Work Community Politics War

Against the WCAR Fraud


Anarchism, Racism and Class Struggle 

Union For All Workers, A


by Arthur J. Miller

Don't Vote — Organise!

vote toilet.jpg

Re-designed and paraphrased zine (originally a Crimethinc Primer) on voting vs direct action. Downloadable pdf zine (one page), ready to print and distribute.

Re-designed by Garage Collective.

Trade Unions and Revolution


a South African Pamphlet


Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin


From  read more »

SolFed Industrial Strategy

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