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Class Struggle

Aktion Nr.29 Anarchistisches Magazin 05.1987 - Interview mit der Hafenstraße

Aktion-Interview mit der Hafenstraße 1987-1_0.jpg

Aktion Nr.29 Anarchistisches Magazin 05.1987 - Interview mit der Hafenstraße

Job Journal

A job journal anyone can print out and use to record what happens at work.

Building a solidarity network guide - extended


A guide to building a successful solidarity network along the lines of the Seattle Solidarity Network.

New version also includes the SeaSol interview with libcom and "Why you should start a solidarity network"

Subverts Unite! Issue No. 3

Subverts Unite Issue No.3 (August 2012)

Subverts Unite is an anarcho-collectivist publishing conspiracy based in Tampa, Florida.  read more »

Anti-Work Leaflet

Anti-work leaflet and poster for distribution

Vision on Fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution by Emma Goldman

Vision on Fire - Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution

This carefully chosen collection features the most important writings from the turbulent last four years of Emma Goldman’s life. This incredible follow-up her popular autobiography, Living My Life, reveals her struggles with the contradictions of the Spanish Revolution and her efforts to maintain integrity and vision in the heat of political activism.

Bakunin on Anarchy: Selected Works by the Activist-Founder of World Anarchism by Mikhail Bakunin (Edited by Sam Dolgoff)

This first comprehensive collection in English of the writings of the great Russian political thinker Michael Bakunin - selected and newly translated from published and unpublished manuscripts - is an indispensable introduction to the work of the father of world anarchism, and a guide to the intellectual and political turmoil of mid-ninteenth,:-century Europe.  read more »

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