Methods of Struggle: Anarcho-Syndicalist Tactics


The following text was written to help people discover, remind themselves or popularize the various syndicalist methods of struggle.

By an anarcho-syndicalist militant, CNT-AIT, 2006.
Translated by Cobbler and 888 for
Design by Jared Davidson.

Anrcho-Islam Ecosolidarity Sharia


I am always looking for a way to wake people up to the dead end path that they and their leaders are following. Christianity, the USA, Capitalism, New Age Selfishness, these all lead nowhere except to war and terrible
suffering. It is the way we think about problems that causes us to fail at being human and to support insane ideas, like economic growth, representative democracy and private cars, private property and international trade.

This is fiction, but so is everything that I have found in 30 years of research... stories... and most of them lead no where.  read more »

Mirror of Production, The (Jean Baudrillard)


In this essay, Jean Baudrillard elaborates a radical critique of Marxism through its deployment of productivity and value (abstract labor, and deductively, useful labor—or Man, “man as labor”—value in general). The two-fold character of labor is a necessary conceptual tool for analyzing the capitalist mode of production, but to the question of how to destroy the capitalist mode of production, it offers little. Rallying behind one form of value does not aide the destruction of the system of value production.  read more »

Korean Working Class, The : From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat 1987-2008


Pamphlet put together on the occasion of a screening of the film '파산의 기술記述 | Description of a Bankrutpcy'

Excerpts from Loren Goldner, 'The Korean Working Class: From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat 1987-2008' and text about the film.  read more »

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Non-commercial space is politically powerful. Not a plea. Not a guilt trip. A manifesto about the economics of autonomous social spaces and projects.

Cloak & Dagger Compendium, Issue II


This is the second issue the Cloak & Dagger Compendium, an ongoing serial dedicated to exploring, teaching, and developing thieving skills and tools. This issue focuses entirely on the ancient and prestigious art of lockpicking! This zine intends to teach promising footpads how to bypass and defeat warded locks, pin-tumbler and wafer-tumbler locks, and tubular locks. This edition also contains information on making one's own skeleton keys and lockpicks from commonly scavengeable materials.

Right To Be Lazy, The


A strange delusion possesses the working classes of the nations where capitalist civilization holds its sway. This delusion drags in its train the individual and social woes which for two centuries have tortured sad humanity. This delusion is the love of work, the furious passion for work, pushed even to the exhaustion of the vital force of the individual and his progeny.

Noam Chomsky - Government In The Future

Noam Chomsky - Government In The Future-1.jpg

Noam Chomsky's classic work on Anarchism, now available as a printable, professional quality booklet.

Greenwashing and You!, a primer on "green" capitalism

Greenwashing and You! PRINT-1.jpg

This short zine explores the concept of greenwashing, and, more broadly, the idea of green consumerism. Also suggests some less-than-subtle solutions for the problems arising from industrial society.

Pass these out at an Earth Day festival near you!

Over-Wrought Monkey, The


The Grandiose Fairytale of the Over-Wrought Globalization & Militarization Monkey


Miami Model, The


a guide to the events surrounding the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) Ministerial in Miami, November 20-21, 2003

.A Collaborative Work.

Download at: (11 mb)

Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School


Emma Goldman's text on anarchist educator Francisco Ferrer.

Wealth and Want in the United States


by Michael Parenti

(excerpted from the book, Democracy for the Few)

Third Reconstruction, The


Global Economic Decline and Reconciliation

By Scott Holliday Wilson

Ruckus v.10 #2

Picture of cover

An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 2, covers budget cuts in California and Washington; the exploitation of the Olympics; an analysis of The Vagina Monologues; details about climate disobedience; a report on the UW green fund; a local restaurant review; and a calendar of local events.

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