UC Berkeley protest zine for January 2010

Occupy UNO handbills


handbills for distributing widely on campus.

We Know They Don't Care


Poster for distribution.

We Are The University


Poster for distribution.

О Большой Науке и малом разумении.


In einer bürokratisierten Gesellschaft, die ein bestimmtes Menschenbild schafft, das man als verwaltungsrechtlichen und -technischen bezeichnen kann, werden Menschen dressiert statt gebildet, infolge dessen ihre geistige Tätigkeit zu schablonhaft ablaufenden Vorgängen wird, die Denkfähigkeit ersetzen eingeübte Reflexe. Die auf diese Weise vorgefertigte Automaten kommunizieren miteinander in einer Amtssprache, die keine unzulässige Wortwendungen und Begriffe kennt.  read more »

Ruckus v.10 #1


An independent newspaper for the University of Washington community by the Ruckus Collective. We are for participatory democracy, social justice, collective liberation, and resistance to killing the planet.

Volume 10, Issue 1, covers budget cuts, anti-sweatshop work, queer rights victories, the tenth anniversary of the WTO protest, and college news media.

Communiqués from the Valley: Love letters from the emerging Student-Worker Movement in California's Central Valley

Comuniqués from the Valley-1.jpg

Please find attached a new pamphlet from the front lines of the student struggle in California's Central Valley.

What We Lack is Life.


Poster: Higher education, frustration, service work, escalation in California. Spread the discontent, spread the occupations.

UC Santa Cruz Disorientation Guide


So you've gotten to the University of California at Santa Cruz. Congratulations! What now? The ideas the University produces about itself construct an ideal image of what awaits you here: an image of fulfillment and understanding, a picture of the life you might build for yourself after you get your degree. So how couldn't you be idealistic and excited? After all, you’ve arrived at one of the most beautiful places in the world and prepared yourself for the journey of a lifetime.  read more »

Theft of Our Youth, The


radical ideas and thoughts on the treatment of children

Beyond Zombie Politics


This short and incomplete critique of efforts to resist the restructuring of higher education in California is written from a sympathetic standpoint. Without claiming to know what the best vision or path forward is we offer only the recognition of problems which we feel have so far gone unacknowledged in the rhetoric and strategies of many faculty, students, and workers as they oppose the plans of the state’s elite policy makers to increase flow of private funds, raise fees, reduce salaries, cut programs, and more.


Four Theses on The Invisible University


A radical critique of the university, and student activism. (Inspired by the current UC mess).

Communique from An Absent Future


From Comrades at UC Merced  read more »

WE WANT EVERYTHING - UC Santa Cruz Occupation flyer


WE WANT EVERYTHING - UC Santa Cruz Occupation flyer

Written from inside the Occupation at UC Santa Cruz

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