Pussy Riot


Pussy Riot is a feminist punk rock collective in Russia. On Feb. 21st, 2012, at Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral several members donned neon-colored balaclavas and colorful clothing and performed "Virgin Mary, Redeem us of Putin" criticizing the cooperation of some representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church with Putin's authoritarian regime.  read more »

DANGEROUS SPACES: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense, and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender


A collection of communiques and theory surrounding issues of women's and queer violence, self-defense, and revenge.

Untorelli Press
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Integrated Security: The Manual

by Jane Berry

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Philly Dudes Collective, The - Year One (And a Half)

Philly Dudes zine-1.jpg

The Philly Dudes collective takes stock of their workshops, activities and personal development as part of the struggle against patriarchy, sexism, sexual assault in Philly's Hard Core Punk Scene. Their aspiration is to create safe spaces for open, critical and honest discussion of masculinity and privilege and oppression more broadly. WIth a list of books and zines that may be useful.  read more »

Stir It Up

Anarchist Reimagining: Communities of Resistance

This zine addresses migrant issues, borders and how institutions, prisons, heterosexism, and other oppressive forces have left people of color, queer, trans*, native folk, etc. subject to violence and is a re-imagining of an anarchist world without them using community accountability and recognizing institutions as pointless and that they only create a world of violence.  read more »

Auszüge aus dem Buch „Gender und Häuserkampf“

Auszüge aus dem Buch „Gender und Häuserkampf“ von amantine, Unrast Verlag, Münster 2011
1.) Interview mit vier Ex-Bewohnerinnen des Frauenhauses (1987 bis 1993) aus der Hafenstraße. Seiten 106-114.
2.) Zu dem Frauenhaus in der Hafenstraße in dem Unterkapitel Autonome FrauenLesben, Seiten 127-128.  read more »

a3yo - balkan zine summer 2011

stories from istanbul, bulgaria noborder, lgbt in ex-yugoslavia, antiziganism, travel stories, ...

Public Record Contraband

Public Record Contraband #3
A variety zine from kalamazoo, mi. Local radical news, thoughts, basement shows, and otherwise.
Featured in this issue- Food Not Bombs shut down, "This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb" sticker arrest and court case/ harassment, Linguistic Insurrection, Enbridge Energy's oil spill, and A hard-line christian-raised teen realizes she is a lesbian and sails the great lakes.

Gender und Haeuserkampf - Auszuege

Interview mit vier Ex - Bewohnerinnen des Frauenhauses (1987 - 1993) aus der
Hafenstraße, Hamburg St. Pauli, im Juli 2010 in einer Kneipe am Hein-Köllisch-Platz.

Polysexuality (Edited by François Peraldi)

Polysexuality Semiotext(e)

Introduction by FRANCOIS PERALDI
Body of the Text by PIERRE GUYOTAT // I Stuggles with a Demon... by DANIEL SLOATE // Onanism and Nervous Disorders in Two Little Girls by DEMETRIUS ZAMBACO
2. SOFT SEX  read more »

3 Posters | Delete Me | IEF


Excerpted from Delete Me, I'm So Ugly, in 3 posters

Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States, 1895-1917 by Terence Kissack

Free Comrades - Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States, 1895-1917

By investigating public records, journals, and books published between 1895 and 1917, Terence Kissack expands the scope of the history of LGBT politics in the United States.  read more »

Negate City — Undoing Sex

Undoing Sex
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