Crazy Rasberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle


This miniscule manifesto is a reworking of Jayson Tx's older zine, entitled "When the ants stop marching one by one". As with my other zine "For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!, a goblincore primer", this zine is kind of a joke. But, you know, not really. Crazy Rasberry Ants are a wonderful model for revolutionary struggle and change. Hopefully, with a touch of humor and a sense of deep gravity, this zine shows how and why.


Tree Life vol.2


Humboldt tree sitters present TREE LIFE volume 2. Needs to be printed in booklet form.

It's currently the only active treesit in North America.

downloadable here:



http://zinelibrary.info/files/treelife02updated2010.pdf (11.6 mb)


Tree Life vol.1


Humboldt tree sitters present TREE LIFE volume 1. Needs to be printed in booklet form.

It's currently the only active treesit in North America.


Easy Living! Vol. 1


EASY LIVING on the road! (aka: a bunch of stuff you can do at hotels while you are on the road!)

In this mini-zine you will find ways to get free breakfast, free internet and/or computer access, free household goods, and more.  read more »

Opening Doors: A primer in housing liberation


A booklet on housing liberation coming out of Portland, OR.

HOME: The Aesthetics and Politics of Home in Contemporary Art, curated by Liena Vayzman (San Francisco: Root Division, 2007).


Full-color illustrated catalog of the exhibition HOME at the artist-run non-profit art space ROOT DIVISION in San Francisco, featuring 30 artists in all media, with essay by curator Liena Vayzman.  read more »

Spatial Deconcentration


by Yolanda Ward

"How could it have been possible for the surgical demolition operations in the minority neighborhoods of the cities to be so identical in all major American cities? Could any organization other than the Pentagon have done this?"

Crisis in California: Everything touched by capital turns toxic


The United States’ most populous state, California is the world’s eighth largest economy. The state has some of the planet’s most productive farmland and in the 1990s enjoyed an extensive real-estate boom. But intensive, industrialised agriculture has polluted much of the environment and now, with more foreclosed homes than anywhere else in the world, it is also home to a growing number of tent cities. Gifford Hartman takes us on a road trip through California’s Central Valley to witness the toxicity: of mortgages and ecosystems, houses, drugs and human relations.

using space four


Using Space is a zine about squats, social centres and alternative ways of living.

Issue four features a visit to a squatted land project in central Amsterdam, the UK national squat meet in Bristol, a rumination on social centres, a large squatting action in Sweden, a fotoreport from the Dutch national squatting day and some recycled newspaper reports.

A5, b&w, 36 pages inc. cover

Neighborhood Tenant/Homeowner Alliance


This is a template zine for organizing your neighborhood to resist gentrification. Just add in your local contact information.

Helpful for neighborhoods at all stages of gentrification.

Space Wars


Space Wars was released in October 2008 and includes discussions on graffiti, squatting in the woods and the city, liberating space and more.

Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/spacewarsfinal-web.pdf (15.1 mb)

Living Learning

Living Learning Booklet web-1.jpg

Living Learning is the collected notes from an extraordinary series of discussions between militants of two key movements in contemporary South Africa, Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Rural Network. When, in late 2008, they made the decision to publish them, these authors explained that “this Living Learning is a living testimony and a record of how we made reflections and distinctions about what we face in life and in our learning. Living Learning is part of a living politics”.

Kansas City Squatters' Handbook


[rent is theft]

this zine is free.

January 2009

SLUMLORD issue #1 - 2nd edition


SLUMLORD issue #1 (summer 2009) is a project that takes aim at a landlord in Portland Oregon for the purpose of demonstrating how people coerced into rental situations (due to lack of access to land outside of the control of the capitalist occupation military) can resist the exploitive relationship implicit in rent through the use of research and organization.
Issue #1 includes some characteristics of landlord Howard Willett in his own words, some analysis of landlordism, some history of the area discussed (north and northeast Portland), and a brief guide to some tenants' rights.  read more »

A Very Careful Strike

A Very Careful Strike-1.jpg

A zine (kind of) about affective delire.

Drifts and Care...



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