The Spectre / El Fantasma No. 1


Volumen 1, Número 1. Enero 2011.

Periódico Mensual del Observatorio Internacional Contra las Políticas de las Multinacionales (International Co-ordination Against Multinational Policies).



Black Kite Quarterly

Black Kite cover

Summer 2011 - The first issue of Black Kite Quarterly (previously Wai Quarterly), produced by Black Kite Press from Australia. This issue themed around 'making the world safer for wimmin'. email us:

So That We May Soar: Horizontalism, Intersectionality, and Prefigurative Politics


coil.losangeles (at)
anotherpoliticsispossible (at)

Mellow Yellow III


The third issue of Mellow Yellow, a zine made by Asians in Aotearoa (New Zealand) covering thoughts on Islam, gender, colonialism, racism, re-visiting China, feminism in the West, anarchy and te Tiriti (Treaty of Waitangi), banana trees and bamboo.

Mellow Yellow I

mellow yellow 1st-1.jpg

The first issue of Mellow Yellow, published 2005 in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

From the 'little intro':

"this zine is a zine about grannies, stuff and things, rantings, musings, oppression, colonisation, migration, collaboration, assimilation, identity, race, gender

telling stories
and hope"

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Colonization & Decolonization


by Zig Zag

from the Quiver Distro

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Headdress was created to expose the negative and offensive ways in which Native American imagery is appropriated in "fashion" and "trendy" photographs on popular internet sites. The zine is composed entirely of found images from blogs, juxtaposed with critical quotes from theorists and bloggers examining the effects of cultural appropriation.

Mapuche Solidarity Demo - Information Flier


August 12th is a call-out day for solidarity actions with Mapuche political prisoners, who are nearing the one-month mark of a hunger strike. This is a double-sided half sheet flier that could be useful to hand out at a demo or event. One side is background about the Mapuche conflict and the other side is a statement from the prisoners at El Manzano Prison in Conception.  read more »

Unsettling Ourselves: Reflections and Resources for Deconstructing Colonial Mentality - A Sourcebook by Unsettling Minnesota

Unsettling Minnesota Sourcebook

by Derrick Jensen; texts and guides from Andrea Smith, Waziyatawin, Dee Brown, Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Martinez, Denise Breton, UM… Collective Members, and others
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Commune in Chiapas?, A Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion, 1994-2000


from Aufheben #9

"Since the occupation of January 1994, many have projected their hopes onto this ‘exotic’ struggle against ‘neo-liberalism’. We examine the nature of the Zapatista uprising by moving beyond the bluster of the EZLN communiqués, on which so many base their analysis."

Chiapas After Acteal: A View of Complicity


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A brief review of the positions of the people of the international civil society and the institutions with the international political society

A complitation of excerpts of articles from the mainstream press

"Masks and Silences" communique from Marcos

The 5th Declaration of the Lacadon Jungle

Chiapas Resource Guide from the EZLN;s Home Page

A glossary of names and words commonly seen in information about Chiapas including Zapatista support sites on the World Wide Web

Mellow Yellow II

mellow yellow_0-1.jpg

Radical Asian womyn in Aotearoa declare: "We do exist!"

As a counter to patriarchal Pakeha-dominated capitalist systems, Dumpling and Bamboo discuss racisim, ethnocentrism, colonialism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, poverty/classism and multiple forms of oppression in the context of Aotearoa/New Zeaalnd.

In the spirit of feminism, Mellow Yellow is about the personal being political. It also opens a space for Asian womyn in Aotearoa to speak out, create understanding between all oppressed people, and organise collectively for a better world.

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Skinning, Tanning, & Working Animal Hides

Skinning, Tanning, & Working Hides PRINT-1.jpg

This zine is a DIY guide to skinning, tanning, and softening animal hides without the use of industrial chemicals.

How Did Colonialism Dispossess? Comments from an Edge of Empire


An article that shows how the state, at the behest of capitalism and settlers, provided the framework for settler colonialism and the murderous state-capitalism alliance that rules our lives.

by Cole Harris

Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

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