EZLN Communiques Dec. 97-Jan. 98


Navigating the Seas
Communiques from Dec. 22, 1997- Jan 29th, 1998
From the mountains of Southeastern Mexico
words of the Zapatista National Liberation Army
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Washington's Landless Tribes


Our Quest for Federal Tribal Recognition
by the Small Tribes Association of Western Washington

Native Resistance to Canada


March 2002
This zine was put together to provide background and information of Native resistance in "Canada," with a particular focus on Western "Canada." The publisher of this zine is not directly involved in these struggles, but is passing the information on so more people can support these important struggles.

Mo' Better Know the Truth


Hawai'i not a state in 98

Just Leave Us Alone!


A Letter From a Papuan Tribesman - Civilisation...A View From the Bush.
This Pamphlet is very unusual. Here in his own words are the views of a tribesman from the remote highlands of New Guinea. This letter offers those of us in industrial civilisation a rere glimpse of our own society through the eyes of one from beyond its borders. Sent to Britain by his people to find out about "that Europe thing that is attacking us" he wrote this letter back to his country in 1999.  read more »

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance


originally published in OH-TOH-KIN in 1992
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I Ask a Small Piece of your Heart be Zapatista


by Cecilia Rodriguez

Access to Resources of Biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples


by Lorenzo Muelas Hurtado

Movimiento Autoridades Indigenas de Colombia

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