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Coming Community, The


Are you falling asleep every night trying to figure out that tiqqun shit. Insurrection jargon giving you a head ache cause you can't tell whats cool and how to apply it to your life. Still don't know what the whatever singularity is. We here at F.A.G. Got just the product for ya. THE COMING COMMUNITY, TCC magically heals all headaches, all back aches and, will put you to sleep on those hard to sleep nights. For just 1 easy free download you get some deeper depth in getting all whatever and shit. We here at F.A.G.  read more »

Politics is Not a Banana | What are you doing after the orgy or insurrection or whatever?


The Institute for Experimental Freedom (IEF) is proud to release the little book: Politics is not a Banana: The Journal of Vulgar Discourse, What are you Doing After the Orgy or Insurrection or Whatever?

From the introduction:  read more »

Disorderly Conduct #3


an insurrectionary green-anarchist quarterly

Download at: (15.6 mb)

Disorderly Conduct


summer 2000

I'll Bring the Gun: issue #1


Armed wimmyn in revolt.

Issue number one features an interpretation of Valerie Solanas' S.C.U.M. Manifesto as well as some tacky CRASS "art".

More to come...

Day When Nothing is Certain, A


writings on the Greek insurrection

Terra Incognita


March 2009

Theses On the Imaginary Party


An article originally appearing in the second issue of the Tiqqun journal, in 1999.

If your printer doesn't automatically fit the whole text on the page, scale the page size back to 58%.

Newly formatted version "imaginary party.pdf" also available.

To Destroy Sexuality by Guy Hocquenghem


"We're not concerned with simply breaking down this official sexuality as one would break down the conditions of one's imprisonment within any structure; we want to destroy it, to get rid of it because in the final analysis it functions as an infinitely repeating castration machine designed to reproduce everywhere and in everyone the unquestioning obedience of a slave."  read more »

Road to Revolution, The -- Ted Kaczynski


by Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber)

Shut 'Em Down


Onyx is rep'n shit, so throw ya gunz in the air and buck-buck! like you just don't care.

We All Want Satisfaction...

...We All Want Insurrection: an excerpt from Fire to the Prisons issue #6.

Edited and reformatted without permission by the good folks at the Chicago Branch of the Imaginary Party.


*This version has the correct printing set-up.

Dark Nights #5


anti-prisons update

from the 325 Distro

love letter to an anonymous stone thrower, A

Love Letter-1.jpg

A love letter to an anonymous stone thrower was produced by "bleeding gums murphy" and posted to the internet where we at Filth and Glitter Public Sex Always took and turned into this adorable zine.(we suggest printing it 2 to a page and making it quarter sized)

anarchy hearts and shit
Filth and Glitter

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