this is about more than who we fuck (and who fucks us)


This zine was born out of one part desire for a writing project and one part desire for more writing to be out there about the place of personal relationships in the struggle (against authority, oppression, domination...).  read more »

Mayan Astrology

Full copy and Print-ready open office format of "Mayan Astrology: A Compilation of Oral Traditions"

Description of Glyphs, Nawals and Numbers used by Quiche Maya people with charts to find the energy of your day of birth.

Interactive Introduction to Consent, An


Always wanted to know what the big fuss on consent is all about? Well now is your chance! Learn the basics of consent and how to express and implement it into life.


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Excuse Me, Can You Please Pass The Privilege?


A primer on privilege for the privileged by someone with privilege.

As If They Were Human: A Different Take on Perpetrator Accountability


This zine contains three articles by Tod Augusta-Scott, a social worker who works with men who have battered, abused, or used sexual violence. He has a novel approach to leading the men to take responsibility for their own actions and be accountable. This approach is based in challenging gender essentialism, listening to the men, and helping them develop new stories for their lives.  read more »

So You Want To Be An Ally!


This zine is a very basic guide to taking some very basic steps toward being a decent human being. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in anti-oppression, ending inequality, and allyship. (If you’re not interested in anti-oppression, ending inequality, or allyship [oof] then I would encourage you to read this anyway.  read more »

Sexuality as State Form


An essay bringing together anarchist and post-structuralist thought (esp Deleuze & Guattari) to question the very idea of 'sexual orientation.' It aims to make it clear why sexuality is an anarchist issue. Originally published as:

Heckert, Jamie (2011). "Sexuality as State Form" in D. Rousselle and S. Evren (eds.) Postanarchism: A Reader. Ann Arbor/London: Pluto Press.

Enemies | Rapists


Rapists, part 4 of the Enemies poster series from the Institute Experimental Freedom

From the opening paragraph:  read more »

Dyscalculia: the social math of multiplicity


Throughout history and across many cultures, there have been various phenomena that fall under the umbrella of multiplicity: the experience of more than one self in one body.  read more »

Birth As Power: Options and Preparation for Organic Childbirth


When the industrial revolution and advances in the Western medical model collided within patriarchal society, the process—and power—of birth was taken away from women. Childbirth was moved from the home to the hospital. Science scoffed at the midwife and deified the OB-GYN.  read more »

Do You Suffer From Alienation?

For a Safer World


by the sali distro project

download at: (13.8 mb)

a guide to local groups, online resources, zines, books and films on trauma, survivor support, communication, mental health, community accountability, anti-sexism, addiction, and conflict mediation.  read more »

Pleasure Not Duty: Open and Closed Families & Loose Cannons


Open and Closed Families

by Colin Ward

Loose Cannons...
Love relationships, jeolosy, rejection and liberation

by Adam Bregman

Nonviolent Communication Zine


Collaged with love for you by Liberty

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