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RockPaperScissors - Issue 13

RockPaperScissors - Issue 13 Cover

Issue 13 of RockPaperScissors is out!

Another issue of creative non-fiction from a variety of viewpoints, with some awesome subvertising and poetry thrown in..

For past and future issues visit www.rpszine.net & podcasting (almost) weekly at www.rpsradio.net

CC – By, NC, SA

Mutiny 67

Mutiny 67 Web-1.jpg

Mutiny is a collective based in Sydney. We produce a zine in order to explore different avenues of disobedience and resistance, and to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions and experiences. Check out our blog here - http://mutinyzine.blog.com/  read more »

Leave Me Alone zine #6

Leave Me Alone is a zine from Cluj-Napoca,Romania. It is a collection of interviews and essays from within the hardcore punk community.


Love Yourself, Babe

Screen shot 2012-10-16 at 7.47.10 PM.png

A zine about self care and self love. Featuring articles about self harm as a method of self care and how to live on a budget while working part time and still have time for self care.

RockPaperScissors - Issue 12

RockPaperScissors - Issue 12 Cover

RockPaperScissors, Issue 12

After spending a couple of months agitating in other areas, we've got Issue 12 laid out and full of some fucking cool stuff from 6 contributors.

Contact rps [at] rpszine dot net

Pussy Riot


Pussy Riot is a feminist punk rock collective in Russia. On Feb. 21st, 2012, at Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral several members donned neon-colored balaclavas and colorful clothing and performed "Virgin Mary, Redeem us of Putin" criticizing the cooperation of some representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church with Putin's authoritarian regime.  read more »

Job Journal

A job journal anyone can print out and use to record what happens at work.

Depth Charge Media PrezeNts: Orrior Comix: Comix Duel Invite to Zig Zag

This zine was originally self-published (in a very small circulation, under 50) with the intention to challenge Zig Zag of Zig Zag Comix, to a "comix duel", due to two things: One, his perpetuation of colonial paradigms of violent reaction to aggression, and two, to challenge a prevailing concept, if I remember right, of his and the canadian Native Youth Movement's perpetuation of a 'character ass  read more »

Anti-Drug Mun Meetz His Match: Drug Duel Comix pages 1-6 of 10

Apparently, part of this comix zine I put up elsewhere got censored, likely due to politically incorrect content. When I can, I will put up the last 4 pages of the zine.

But for now, you get a look at the best part of the work, with an ending that you get to guess at for now!

He he he!

Pleasure Power Comix --A closer look

Cover of the zine. Should be 5 pages include here, 6 including the cover (i think)

Well, this is a slightly updated version of just having the cover of this zine available. I wanted to put the entire thing online, but am hampered by the computer I can use, which doesn't allow CD insertion...nor anything else! Ah, public libraries...these daze.

But soon, soon, I should be able to put the entire wilde-ass comix zine up here!

Conscientious Objector's Guide to Forced Medication

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