Fighting Privatization in South Africa


Lession from the struggle against Neo-liberalism at Wits University

Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona


by the EZLN

Anarchism & American Traditions

American Traditions-1.jpg

Desire for Change- Women on the Frontlines of Global Resistance


by People's Global Action (PGA)
Download At: (24 mb)

Commune in Chiapas?, A


Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion
from Aufheben

Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto

Cryptoanarchist Manifesto-1.jpg

teh hackers



Documents from Chicago's clandestine Abortion service

Anarchism and Revolution in Black Africa


by Stephen p. Halbrook

From Journal of Contemporary Revolutions,
Vol. 4, Number 1 Winter 1971-72

Albania: Laboratory of Subversion

In Albania, just a few years ago, an explosion of popular rage eloquently demonstrated that the state only persists thanks to the gracious complicity of its subjects. When this complicity ends, structures that appeared invincible disintegrate overnight...

1798 Rebellion in Ireland, The

by Andrew Flood

First published 1998 in the Red and Black Revolution

May 1st, 2007 The March Continues

Online Zine documenting San Jose's Immigration Rights Movement

May Day!

before Seattle, before ACT UP, Before Earth First!, the Forgotten Resistance to the Vietnam War.

Ending a War: Inventing a Movement: May Day 1971

by L.A. Kauffman

Introduction to the Black Panther Party, An

by the John Brown Society
Berkeley CA May 1968

Fuera Ulises!


a graphic account from Oaxaca
by Ana Nimo

Aufheben: Class re-composition in Argentina

Argentina 2001-2002

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