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Towards Transformative Justice - Generation Five


generation FIVE has spent the last decade, with allies across movements and across the country, developing Transformative Justice. Transformative Justice is an approach to respond to and prevent child sexual abuse and other forms of violence that puts transformation and liberation at the heart of the change.  read more »

Gates of Freedom: Voltairine de Cleyre and the Revolution of the Mind (With Selections from Her Writings) by Eugenia DeLamotte

Gates of Freedom

"The question of souls is old; we demand our bodies, now." These words are not from a feminist manifesto of the late twentieth century, but from a fiery speech given a hundred years earlier by Voltairine de Cleyre, a leading anarchist and radical thinker.  read more »

RockPaperScissors - Issue 10

RPS Zine Cover - Issue 10

RockPaperScissors, Issue 10

Go to to see more about who we are and what we're about, or just read and enjoy. Contributions, comments and feedback are welcome -

Fuck Copywrong
Creative Commons: CC - BY NC SA

Neon Lung 1

neonLung issue one-1.jpg


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Are you ready for some football? it's a party! another Garden Plot Jackals track, with Blasphemy (aka Bosephus Blues) rappin about aliens and bilderberg delta-clearance level shit (aka paranoia & drugs) over DJ Deep Breathely's buzzy bass line and crazy sampled jazz flute & brass.

I want to let you in...

patrokolosshower.jpg the shower of my heart.

The second in a series of anarchist personal ads.

This is for my friend Bobby and five anarchists in Cleveland.

Chronic Zine, The

The Chronic

A Zine unfocused on chronic pain, hip-Hop & anarchy & pretty much any other subject that comes to mind when you hear The Chronic.
note: The Chronic Zine does not condone the language used on The Chronic or in this zine for that matter. As a matter of matters, we don't condone any matters which may make matters worse. or better.
contact Rooster @

your beautiful brusied legs Issue #1


A zine of poetry and prose by Jeana Harris. 22 doubled sided pages in black and white.

For (free) physical copies go to and send me a message with your address.

your beautiful brusied legs Issue #1


A zine of poetry and prose by Jeana Harris. 22 doubled sided pages in black and white.

RockPaperScissors - Issue 9

RockPaperScissors - Issue 9 Cover

Curiously Collaborative · Indignantly Independent · Disgustingly DIY

Where helpful opinions flourish, useless points of view come to die, and where we stand for what we believe until, or unless, life shows us to believe otherwise. Bringing you views, news and reviews from across the globe.  read more »

RockPapweScissors Radio - Episodes 1 - 13

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Curiously collaborative · Indignantly Independent · Disgustingly DIY

RockPaperScissors Radio is a weekly show presented for Australian community radio and podcasting alongside the monthly RockPaperScissors zine. Content developed and produced by the RPS Crew.  read more »

do you have any plans for after the revolution?


The first of a series of anarchist personal ads.

Rise, Fall, Repeat Reissue #2


Another installment of personal anecdotes, poetry, photography, and writing; all original. Mostly dealing with depression, alienation, and all things relating to where hope gets you when luck and yourself aren't really on speaking terms. A lot of heart and time went into all of this, so I hope you all enjoy.  read more »

six letters addressed to you

six letters addressed to you cover

This was uploaded earlier but it was missing a page. Here is the fixed version.

The description in the previous posting:  read more »

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