Political Prisoners

Dragon and the Hydra, The: a historical study of organizational methods by Russell "Maroon" Shoats


We just redesigned this title first put out by Chicago ABC. The text is a short but excellent historical study of African and Amerindian movements in Jamaica, Suriname, Haiti, and the Southern US, with a focus on the decentralized organizational forms that made these rebellions against colonialism possible. Shoats particularly takes the vanguard party model to task, drawing on both historical evidence as well as the later writings of Black socialist C.L.R. James to criticize this organizational method.  read more »

Dykes and Fags Want to Know...


A written interview with lesbian political prisoners Laura Whitehorn, Linda Evens and Susan Rosenberg

By Queers United In Support of Political Prisoners (QUISP)1991

325# 8



http://zinelibrary.info/files/8-325_net1.pdf (7.24 mb)

Released now for September 2010, the free yearly PDF of the international anarchist magazine, 325. 76 pages packed full of revolutionary anti-capitalist social war.  read more »

Five Myths about the Asheville 11


Five Myths about the Asheville 11
Why eleven people are being demonized in the courts and the media and why it matters

On May first, 2010, shortly before midnight, police responded to reports that people were breaking windows in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. A few minutes later they arrested eleven people, sweeping them off the sidewalk at random several blocks from the scene of the vandalism.  read more »

Mapuche Solidarity Demo - Information Flier


August 12th is a call-out day for solidarity actions with Mapuche political prisoners, who are nearing the one-month mark of a hunger strike. This is a double-sided half sheet flier that could be useful to hand out at a demo or event. One side is background about the Mapuche conflict and the other side is a statement from the prisoners at El Manzano Prison in Conception.  read more »

We Are All Co-Conspirators - RNC8 Solidarity


New beautiful RNC8 solidarity posters! Let's get it together for the 8 in these last couple months before trial. This is not the time to let support waver - Get posters up across the Twin Cities and the whole country!

ACAB #4 Anti-Prison Zine from Guelph, Ontario


Here is the latest issue of ACAB News #4, the Guelph ABC periodical. It is a mostly local zine about repression and struggle against prison.

ACAB 4 August 2010


- RBC Bank Arson in Ottawa
- Ottawa Movement Defense
- Support Political Prisoners of the G20
- Free Kelly
- Police Infiltration Report
- Free our Friends: Community Update on G20
- Detained: Holly’s Story
- Fierce & Fabulous 3 update
- Struggle Against Prison Action Reports
- Anti-Prison Demo Shut Down
- Prisoner Justice Day August 10th  read more »

Hilltop Boys, The : A True Story About The Hilltop Crips


A short piece regarding the incarceration and demonization of a group of friends in Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood. Relevant for anyone interested in where they live.

Age of Conspiracy, The

The Age of Conspiracy

Looking back over the past decade, it appears that North American law enforcement agencies are increasingly utilizing conspiracy charges to target anarchists and others involved in radical communities. We’ve composed a review of recent conspiracy cases in hopes of analyzing this.

Plain Words #2


An Anarchist Black Cross Federation Publication

Summer 2010

Plain Words


An Anarchist Black Cross Federation Publication

Fall 2009

Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism, The


In 1977 they made shotguns in prison and did patrols. They were willing to die to stop prison rape.

"I'll tell you what, we were some tough faggots." Ed Mead, Men Against Sexism organizer 1997

Pushed by the Violence of Our Desires

Picture 1.png

anon. “pushed by the violence of our desires.” italian feminist thought: a reader. ed. paola bono. oxford: blackwell, 1991


Um Löghlýðni


Two individuals crossed the fence of the Icelandic international airport to stop an airplane that was flying an asylum seeker back to Italy. This pamphlet was distributed during their court case.

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