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What is a Grand Jury?


This is a mini zine briefly describing grand juries and grand jury resistance. It goes on to talk about Utah grand jury resistor Jordan Halliday. It is meant to educate and inform. Please download, print, read & distro widely!
You can download the zine here: http://www.supportjordan.com/Zine.pdf

Fire To the Prisons #9


Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/firetotheprisons9.pdf (7.21 mb)

Fire to the Prisons-Issue #9-Summer 2010

For this issue, we will be giving copies out for free to anyone who requests them that is not a formal business.

All we ask is for you to pay the price of postage. Please let us know if you would like to order hard copies of the newest issue, or any other questions regarding distribution by contacting us at:

firetotheprisons (at) gmail (dot) com

Feel free to download past issues in PDF form on our website as well:

http://firetotheprisons.com  read more »

We Are Not Slaves, We Are Dynamite

Bonnano & Christos (english), poster.jpg

Poster in solidarity with Bonnano & Christos two anarchists arrested in connection with a bank robbery in Greece.

Liberate Anarchist Prisoners


from 325 distro

Dark Nights #6


Issue #6 of the Dark Nights support&solidarity zine.

in other words, the situation is excellent - an interview with julien coupat


Q. The police consider you the leader of a group on the point of tipping over into terrorism. What do you think about that?

A. Such a pathetic allegation can only be the work of a regime that is on the point of tipping over into nothingness.


Midwest Books to Prisoners Zine #1 March 2010


Midwest Books to Prisoners Zine #1 March 2010

Table of Contents:
1 - Police Rogues Gallery
2 - Obama directs Illinois to host Guantanamo Bay detainees
3 - Free after Decades: Tortured and Innocent Prisoners
4 - Civil and Human Rights Violations at Cook County Jail
5 - Governor Quinn Kills Early Release Program
6 - Chicago Copwatch: People’s Blotter
7 - Women Prisoner Struggles
8 - Draft Proposal for an Anarchist Black Cross Network
9 - “Conviction Through Corruption” - the story of Willie Boyd
10 - Writing through Prisoners in Illinois  read more »

Looking at the White Working Class Historically

White Working Class-1.jpg

Looking at the White Working Class Historically by David Gilbert

A dialectical, historical, materialist analysis of the white working class in the US.

4strugglemag Issue 15


4strugglemag Issue 15: Views, Thoughts and Analysis from the Hearts and Minds of North American Political Prisoners and Friends

Issue 15 – International Women’s Day, Revolutionary & Prison Struggle, Book Reviews, Sri Lanka and National Liberation, Political Prisoner Updates

Read online at www.4strugglemag.org
Download printable version at: http://4strugglemag.org/9/  read more »

Fuck You Bearden


Look! it's another zine from anarchist prisoner Rob Los Ricos


Rob thaxton

Featuring Rob's thoughts about:

prison life, riots, the just us system, illegalism, rioting and more words than necessary, with not enough artwork

Under the Yoke of the State


Selected Anarchist Responses to Prisons and Crime

Vol. 1; 1886-1929

Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/yokeofthestate.pdf (12 mb)

Unnamed Codefendant, The #6


Issue 6 Fall/ Winter 2006

The Newsletter of the Books 4 Prisoners Crew

Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/unnamed_codefendant.pdf (8.81 mb)

Spirit of Freedom July 2001


newsletter of the the North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network

June/July 2001

Break the Chains Conference Manual


August 8-10, 2003

University of Oregon

Download At:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/breakthechainsmanual.pdf (11 mb)

Break the Chains Blog:


California Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity


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