Prisons and Police

Support the Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers!

Support the Hunger Strike!

Here is a new poster made to disseminate information about the hunger strike going on in California prisons. It's 11x17" format, 2-sided with the prisoners' full demands on the back. Available in color and black&white.

here's the text:

Solidarity with the Prisoners on Hunger Strike in California!

Solidarity with Prison Rebels Everywhere!  read more »

АЧК Беларусь. Поведение на допросе


Руководство составлено и опубликовано на волне репрессий против белорусских анархистов, прокатившихся в 2010-2011 годах

АЧК Москва. Культура Активистской Безопасности


Не выдавать никакой информации врагам! Единственный способ общения с полицией - молчание.

Anti-police flyer, poster, and stickers for MTL


Flyer and poster for spreading an anarchist analysis of the recent killings by police in MTL and the role that they place in our lives.

The flyer can be distributed in the metro, your neighborhood, malls, high schools, during demos, etc. to up the hate for the police and the world they defend. There is a version with both english and french flyers, as well as one which contains only french.  read more »

Denver Fights Back - Solidarity and Action Against Police and State Violence in the Mile High City 2010-2011

They Can't Break Our Spirits: Post-G20 State Repression in Southern Ontario


This writing is about tactics of state repression, support and solidarity, and police infiltration, relating mostly to the Toronto G20 in June 2010. These ideas are for anarchists and social rebels world-wide to discuss and learn from.

Break the Chains Journal April 2011

btc issue2-1.png

Break the Chains is a news and discussion forum for supporters of political prisoners, prisoners of war, politicized social prisoners, and victims of police and state intimidation.  read more »

Fire to the Prisons #11


Download at: (9.18 mb)

What is the point?
Pg. 3
On Building Dangerous Bonds
Pg. 5
Days of Rage
On Spreading Conflict in the Arab World
Pg. 10
Often Compared to a Prison
Pg. 28
Southern Appalachia:
On the On-Going Struggle against M.T.R
Pg. 30
Against Justice//Against Peace
Follow Up on “Justice: A Dead Word”
Pg. 33  read more »

Rape, Racism, and the White Women's Movement

Never before has the media been so friendly to radical feminism.
But then again, never before has radical feminism been so eager to
place itself at the forefront of the "fight against crime,"
wholeheartedly supporting the basic premises and institutions of our
society that underlie all oppression, including that of women.

Groups like Santa Cruz Women Against Rape are complex. They
make good statements about racism in their publications. They reject
prison as a solution to fighting violence against women. They recognize
that rape will end only ". . . with the development of a new system that
provides a context for . . . changes in people's lives." One wonders,
then, how and why they are fighting rape.

   read more »

Eleven Months


"Eleven Months" is a zine about my experience teaching in the jail in downtown Seattle. It is a mix of experiences, dreams, analysis, rumors, reflections and internal emails. I wrote it as an attempt to condense a magnificent, traumatic, grueling experience into a something I could share with others.

or  read more »

Social Control In Santa Cruz: ICE, Imprisonment, and White Supremacy


A pamphlet made for a noise demo at the county jail in Santa Cruz, California, regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the DHS program "Secure Communities".

May 21 NW Regional Celemency March for Leonard Peltier Poster, Flier and Information Packet


From: Leonard Peltier Defense/Offense Committee Northwest Regional Organizer's Office, P.O. Box 5464, Tacoma, WA 98415-0464 bayou [at]

Greetings All,  read more »

Leonard Peltier Clemency Information Packet


So here is the order:

page 1 March flier
page 2 March information
pages 3, 4 and 5, The Case of Leonard Peltier
page 6 NW Clemency campaign
page 7 Clemency petition
page 8 back page mailer and medical alert  read more »

Sigurd Debus - vor 30 Jahren gestorben

Sigurd Debus

Sigurd beteiligte sich ab dem 11. Februar 1981 an einem Hungerstreik der Gefangenen aus der RAF. Ab März 1981 wurde er gegen seinen Willen zwangsernährt. Anfang April fiel er bei einer dieser Folterorgien ins Koma und verstarb am 16. April.  read more »

Poland, 1983, January, Committee in Support of Solidarity Report No. 10-11

Committee in Support of Solidarity Reports
Issue No. 10 and 11
January 24, 1983

In This Issue

From the Editor page 1

The Spoils of War page 2

Official Statistics on Solidarity's Resistance and Repression

The Institutionalization of Martial Law page 3

If Martial Law was suspended, why do so many laws incorporate the same repressive measures?  read more »

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