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"The mission of the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) is to establish a "living history" archive of past and present queer zines and to encourage current and emerging zine publishers to continue to create. In curating such a unique aspect of culture, we value a collectivist approach that respects the diversity of experiences that fall under the heading "queer."


Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism, The


In 1977 they made shotguns in prison and did patrols. They were willing to die to stop prison rape.

"I'll tell you what, we were some tough faggots." Ed Mead, Men Against Sexism organizer 1997

Dress to Kill, Fight to Win by Dean Spade


not yr cister press

Okie Queer Quarterly Zine, Vol 1 No 3


Third issue of the Okie Queer Quarterly Zine, a publication of the Norman (Oklahoma) Queer Alliance.

Okie Queer Zine Vol 1 No 2


Second issue of the Okie Queer Quarterly Zine, a publication of the Norman (Oklahoma) Queer Alliance.

World Without Sexual Assault: For A Community Response to Sexual Assault


This is the second newspaper put out by the World Without collective based out of Melbourne. Their new website, different from the one listed in the newspaper, will be though it is not yet online. World Without also runs a distro at, and they have an email address:

The newspaper has articles on topics like grieving and mourning, myths about sexual assault, restorative justice, consent, and support.

Screwball Asses, The by Guy Hocquenghem


Two versions to Enjoy!

This translation may be copyrighted.

Pink and Black Attack 5


This is the fifth issue of Pink and Black Attack, an anti-assimilationist queer anarchist periodical.

Chicago Anti-Racist Action Zine Archive


South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action is making available several old-school ARA zines published many years ago by Chicago ARA.


ARA Research Bulletin #1 May 2001 (No Tears for the Nazis, No Support for the State, The Enemy of Our Enemy: the Southern Poverty Law Center “Badjackets” Anarchists, The Third Position, The New Face of Resistance: White Music for White Sheep, Hale and Brimstone, and News from the Front Lines)  read more »

No More Mothers, Wives, and Daughters: Let's Destroy the Families!


not yr cister press

Empire Strikes Back, The : A Posttranssexual Manifesto


Sandy Stone’s classic essay confronts the ways in which both the medical complex and feminism had been used as a tool for the regulation of gender/sex systems and the management of trans bodies. While the essay is certainly dated in many ways, we see a usefulness in making sure that it continues to be distributed. Stone captures the paradox of the trans subject’s will to be recognized as the gender/sex of their choosing while at the same time questioning the maintenance of gender/sex systems on a systemic level.  read more »

Touch Me and I'll Fucking Kill You.


we inspired by some real crazy bitchez.

Not Yr Cister Press

luce irigaray - when our lips speak together

lips imposed-1.jpg

"Let’s hurry and invent our own phrases. So that everywhere and always we can continue to embrace. We are so subtle that nothing can stand in our way, nothing can stop us from reaching each other, even fleetingly, if we can find means of communication that have our density. We shall pass imperceptibly through every barrier, unharmed, to find each other. No one will see a thing."

Adventures of Loneberry, The


From Microcosm:  read more »

City in the Female Gender, The

City in the Female Gender-1.jpg

The City in the Female Gender.
By Lia Magale.

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