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"The mission of the Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) is to establish a "living history" archive of past and present queer zines and to encourage current and emerging zine publishers to continue to create. In curating such a unique aspect of culture, we value a collectivist approach that respects the diversity of experiences that fall under the heading "queer."


Open Minds #1


What you have in your hands is a collective zine that is meant to raise public awareness and also give the opportunity to anyone who wants to participate, share knowledge, personal experience or even get in touch with each other but specially get to you the reader. Why?  read more »

Cosmoqueer #1

the femme issue-1.jpg

Cosmoqueer #1
The femme issue

Hatred of Capitalism


A Semiotext(e) READER

EEdited by Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer


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Hatred of Capitalism

Page 4  read more »


opuscolo mieli OK01.jpg

E’ tempo di frenare la macchina del sistema e arrestarla: è tempo di (ri)conquistare il pianeta e noi stessi, se non vogliamo che la macchina che l’uomo ha costruito, e che si è poi autonomizzata volgendoglisi contro, finisca davvero per provocare una completa catastrofe.  read more »



Con “queer”, intendiamo “guerra sociale”. E quando parliamo
di queer come conflitto con ogni forma di dominazione, è
quello che intendiamo.

Se vogliamo genuinamente ridurre in rovina questa totalità, dobbiamo
porre una rottura. Non abbiamo bisogno di inclusione nel matrimonio,
nell’esercito e nello stato. Abbiamo bisogno di distruggerli. Basta politici  read more »



"Genere e genitali costituiscono la roccaforte del controllo che vincola ogni persona ad un ordine sociale che ha serie difficoltà a tollerare la diversità o il cambiamento" (Jamison Green)



a personal chronicle of self-healing and acceptance in the wake of rape. a meditation on what it means to have a queer body, to reclaim that queer body, and to consider the issues of sexuality, gender, and queerness in light of sexual violence. contains frank discussion of rape, sexual assault, addiction, self-harm, anxiety, depression, and similarly triggering subjects.

How We Kiss: privilege on the dance floor

folding demo

mini-zine published and distributed by f.i.e.r.c.e.n.e.s.s., providence RI queer propagandists & recruiters, at the "queer animal future" dance party, july 15 2011. (original copies were printed with a queer animal mythology (graphics only) on the reverse side.)

this PDF is formatted for printing.  read more »

Queer Chican@ Zine


Queer Chican@ Zine, #1.
Art/Poetry. The creative issue.
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Gays: Guardians of the Gates


During one of the Conflict Hours at the Mendocino Men’s Conference Malidoma Some` spoke eloquently on indigenous people’s views of gay men. He kindly agreed to elaborate on his views with Bert Hoff among the redwoods of Mendocino.

.B.E.T.C.H. Rag: Issue No. 1


A zine compiled by Austin ladies’ group B.E.T.C.H. (Beautiful, Educated Thunder Cunts from Hell) exploring consent, positive sexuality and healing. Contributions include essays, personal stories, comics and art work. Some of these entries deal with sexual assault and can be triggering, read with care.

Consent is... flyer


Just a flyer about Consent! Put up everywhere, especially in yer bedroom.

How to Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop

consent workshop zine-1.jpg

The full title of this zine is "How to Put Together Your Own Participatory, Community-Specific, Radical Consent Workshop." The zine offers a thorough blueprint for one kickass consent workshop. The zine was assembled by, and this workshop model was beta tested by, a Seattle University student group called Northwest Break the Silence.  read more »

So You Want To Be An Ally! (updated)

I learned how to use InDesign and did some edits, so now it looks way better than the original.  read more »

Shit I Didn't Tell You.


Letters/notes to people in the world. At the very end of 2010 / beginning of 2011...trying to process a lot of things, mostly related to current and past relationships...ended up sitting down and writing the following letters / notes to people

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