Political Prisoners and Black Liberation


Angela Davis' Political Prisoners and Black Liberation. This zine is part of the Boston Anarchist Black Cross distro.

Becoming-Woman & I have Even Met Happy Drag Queens - Felix Guattari


"I think it’s important to destroy “big” notions like woman, homosexual…
Things are never that simple. When they’re reduced to
black-white, male-female categories, there’s an ulterior motive, a binary-reductionist operation meant to subjugate them. For example, you cannot qualify a love univocally. Love in Proust is never specifically homosexual. It always has a shizoid, paranoid component, a becoming-plant, a becoming-woman, a becoming-music."


Colours of Resistance


multiracial, anti-racist revolt against global capitalism

Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/coloursofresistance.pdf (8.65 mb)

I Will Not Crawl: excerpts from Robert F. Williams on Black struggle and armed self-defense in Monroe, NC


This publication offers a brief biographical sketch of an incredible man named Robert F. Williams, along with several chapters excerpted from his famous 1962 book Negroes with Guns. Though less well known than more urban groups like the Black Panthers, the words and actions of Monroe, NC’s militant NAACP chapter were tremendously influential on later organizations that advocated self-determination, autonomy, equality, and self-defense.  read more »

Derailing for Dummies


Making Discrimination Easier!

A simple. step-by-step guide to derailing awkward conversations by dismissing and trivialising your opposition’s perspective and experience. Just some of the many issues you can apply it to:

*sexism* *whorephobia* *racism* *transphobia* *classism* *homophobia* *albeism* *kinkphobia* *fatphobia*

guaranteed, you can use it to marginalise anyone!

South Side Chicago ARA Zine July 31, 2010


This zine documents some of the work we’ve been up to so far in the first year of South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action and was prepared for the July 31 2010 Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism. We hope that this publication will start a larger discussion in strategizing ways we can more effectively combat all forms of oppression in our city.

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action
southsidechicagoara at hushmail dot com  read more »

"A Plea for Captain John Brown" by Henry David Thoreau


from the introduction...

The following text probably needs no introduction, as it is possibly one of the greatest speeches in American history. I was enthusiastically reminded of it by a close friend and comrade, and it seemed an appropriate birthday present to her to reprint it here.  read more »

Looking at the White Working Class Historically


A dialectical, historical, materialist analysis of the white working class.

this is a better design.

Combahee River Collective Statement (1977)


Revolutionary Black Feminist in 1977 provide a glimpse of early intersectional thought.

Oakland On Fire


Three accounts of the riots after Oscar Grant was murdered by a BART police officer.

Chicago Anti-Racist Action Zine Archive


South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action is making available several old-school ARA zines published many years ago by Chicago ARA.

Contact: http://southsideara.wordpress.com

ARA Research Bulletin #1 May 2001 (No Tears for the Nazis, No Support for the State, The Enemy of Our Enemy: the Southern Poverty Law Center “Badjackets” Anarchists, The Third Position, The New Face of Resistance: White Music for White Sheep, Hale and Brimstone, and News from the Front Lines)  read more »

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad


from Wikipedia April 2010

formatted by pirate press, Oly cascadia  read more »

Adventures of Loneberry, The


From Microcosm:  read more »

Sex, Race, and Class

sex race and class cover.jpg

“Nothing unified & revolutionary will be formed until each section of the exploited will have made its own autonomous power felt.”

Selma James


Separate But Equal?


Segregation and Tracking in Minneapolis Schools

By Douglas Mann


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