Looking at the White Working Class Historically

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Looking at the White Working Class Historically by David Gilbert

A dialectical, historical, materialist analysis of the white working class in the US.

Mellow Yellow II

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Radical Asian womyn in Aotearoa declare: "We do exist!"

As a counter to patriarchal Pakeha-dominated capitalist systems, Dumpling and Bamboo discuss racisim, ethnocentrism, colonialism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, poverty/classism and multiple forms of oppression in the context of Aotearoa/New Zeaalnd.

In the spirit of feminism, Mellow Yellow is about the personal being political. It also opens a space for Asian womyn in Aotearoa to speak out, create understanding between all oppressed people, and organise collectively for a better world.

In Issue 2:  read more »

Third Reconstruction, The


Global Economic Decline and Reconciliation

By Scott Holliday Wilson

Spatial Deconcentration


by Yolanda Ward

"How could it have been possible for the surgical demolition operations in the minority neighborhoods of the cities to be so identical in all major American cities? Could any organization other than the Pentagon have done this?"

Off the Hook #12


The newsletter of the Missouri Prisoners' Labor Union

Issue 12 Sept. 2006

At the dawn of industrialism, factories were modeled after prisons...

in its twilight, prisons are modeled after factories.

Collective Liberation


on my mind

essays by Chris Crass

Download At:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/collectiveliberation.pdf (12.3 mb)

Neoliberalization Of Higher Education, The: What’s Race Got To Do With It?


As the California population has grown more ethnically diverse, the privatization of the public sphere has been sold to the electorate through a seemingly endless parade of racist bogeymen: immigration, affirmative action, bilingual education.  read more »

Freedom, not Reform: If we don’t demand it, it can’t happen

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Freedom, not Reform
If we don’t demand it, it can’t happen  read more »

Secure Our Borders?

"What does it mean that Homeland Security has nothing to do with making sure we all have homes?
Especially when so many people are losing their homes, security should mean shelter, food, health care, safety… Not more creepy biometrics devices. The government clearly is more concerned about fortifying the military and helping big business than it is about us.  read more »

Revolutionary Autonmous Communites


2 - Revolutionary Autonomous Communities - Who We Are, What we believe, What we Fight for

3 - Cop Whatch Los Angeles GC check-a-pig (WWW.COPWATCHLA.ORG 877 8 NO COPS)

4 - Know Your Food, Know You

5 - Editorial

6 - The System Is The Trouble!

7 - Links / Ressources

Link that works: http://la.indymedia.org/uploads/2009/02/rac_zine_final2.pdf

After DNC/RNC, fight ICE and support immigrant rights struggle: a call to action

After RNC, Fight ICE

Amazing anarchist organizing for the past couple years came out of the DNC/RNC.  Let's take this organizing, the networks, the friendships, and the momentum and organize and fight to strike down one of the most oppressive terrorist institutions of our time: Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  read more »

Class Equality, Sexual Equality, Racial Equality


by Exploited Existance

Dowload at

http://zinelibrary.info/files/classequality.pdf (7.3.7 mb)

Against the WCAR Fraud


Anarchism, Racism and Class Struggle 

Real Resistance to Slavery in North America, The


by Russell Maroon Shoats/z

"Sifuna Zonke"


Revolutionary Syndicalism, the Industrial Workers of Africa, and the Fight Against Racial Capitalism in South Africa 1915-1921

by the Bikisha Media Collective

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