Luddite Worker #1, The


Luddite Worker #3, The


Greenwashing and You!, a primer on "green" capitalism

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This short zine explores the concept of greenwashing, and, more broadly, the idea of green consumerism. Also suggests some less-than-subtle solutions for the problems arising from industrial society.

Pass these out at an Earth Day festival near you!

Underground Security Paper #2 How to Encrypt Your Emails


by DiZZie 2007

1984: The Stockholm Programme

A personal view, from one Bristol No Borders, about the EU Surveillance State

MIT Guide to Lockpicking


This classic text on picking locks and manufacturing the tools to do so is a must for all beginners. It is not specifically an anti-authoritarian or anarchic text, but the skills it imparts are amazingly valuable for all direct-action-oriented radical folks.

Contains info on pin and tumbler locks, waver locks (called "disk tumblers" in this zine), and briefly touches on tubular locks. Not a completely comprehensive guide, but essential for novices. Happy pickings!

affective disorder - journal of common notions - spring 10

ablsh yr slf

[affective disorder [in the spring of a still-born decade]]

a friend once said:
no revolution is going to be generated
out of systemic
or structural laws.

we are on our own, and what we do
we have to do for ourselves.
we are the denizens
of a strange epoch,
the ‘given’ in a surreal situation.

while knowledge of space and time has been democratized, the
modes of inhabiting them (the modes of being) are controlled
more intensely than ever before. while sharing of information
is ubiquitous, understanding and love appear empty at best – at  read more »

Para Matar al Hombre (Thoughts on patriarchy, technology, attack & feminism)


New text from the Northwest.

From the introduction:

"...It is the world outside of us and the world within our houses that I wish to devastate; it is the world of patriarchy, inside and out that I want to make an end of, regardless of the (lack of) agency I possess. There is a strong need to act out, to be absurd, to forget political restraints or ideological chains, to burn the fear of being disregarded as single issue. That said I have no regret for my emotion, quiero fuego..."


HTZ #2: Notes From the Hacker Underground

Notes From the Hacker Underground

Hack This Zine!,PDF, TXT


o hack this site founder raided by fbi
o right wing hackers target indymedia network
o directnic enforces icann whois contact info accuracy
o phpbb 2.10 disclosure cause mischief and mayhem on the net
o nmap developers intimidated by wyrmkill


Crisis in California: Everything touched by capital turns toxic


The United States’ most populous state, California is the world’s eighth largest economy. The state has some of the planet’s most productive farmland and in the 1990s enjoyed an extensive real-estate boom. But intensive, industrialised agriculture has polluted much of the environment and now, with more foreclosed homes than anywhere else in the world, it is also home to a growing number of tent cities. Gifford Hartman takes us on a road trip through California’s Central Valley to witness the toxicity: of mortgages and ecosystems, houses, drugs and human relations.

HTZ #6: Lets Smash Windows!


Hack This Zine!: Print, text, read.

Political Articles: Views and Opinionated Articles

* On the Necessity of Direct Action (by Nomenumbra)
* Hacking Freight Trains Part 2 (by Haifleisch)
* Berkeley Tree Sit (by frenzy)
* SF Community Colo Project (by ryan)
* Callout for electronic action at the DNC & RNC (by hackbloc)  read more »

HTZ #7: Hack the Gibson!


Hack This Zine!, Print, text, read


* Letters
* News in the Briefs


* Hacking your GPS (by Kuroishi)
* Alternative PHP include vulnerabilities (by Anonymous) *
* Obfuscating IP addresses (by Flatline)
* Sucking Signal (by Sally)
* Hardware Hacking (by Frenzy)

Philotics  read more »

HTZ #8: Beautiful Technolust


Hack This Zine!: Print, text, read.

News and Events

* Intro
* Behind Schedule


* Leak Everything... Leak it Now
* Power of Hactivisim
* Ronin: A (Brief) Intro
* Iptables: Network Auditing with Evoltech
* Hot Piping Coffee Enema
* Anti-Copywritten


* Protect Web Folders
* RFI Rooting Tutorial  read more »



We present this publication attempting to answer the questions that first arise around antitechnology and also with the aim of raising awareness on the subject.

We recommend you read these texts in the woods, where the fanzine and we belong.

Make as many copies as you want, send it to anyone to whom it may interest.

Distribute it if you wish. Antitechnology is a non-profit publication, the price, if any, can’t exceed printing costs.

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