Alfred Sohn-Rethel Ökonomische Doppelnatur des Spätkapitalismus


Ursprünglich war das Vorhaben dieser Schrift auf eine größere, ausführliche Arbeit angelegt. Das abstrakte Begriffsgerüst lag in einer englischen Fassung - "Dual economics of tränsition" - bereits vor, und der Verlag erbot sich, hiervon  read more »

One Is Not Born A Woman - Monique Wittig


“It is our historical task, and only ours, to define what we call oppression in materialist terms, to make it evident that women are a class, which is to say that the category “woman” as well as the category “man” are political and economic categories not eternal ones. Our fight aims to suppress men as a class, not through a genocidal, but a political struggle.  read more »

ABC's of Anarchy


It's Alphabetic Anarchy!

The only ABC's of Anarchy book (so far?) designed and suitable for children of all ages. Infants will love the imagery, Toddlers will thrive on learning the alphabet, and preschoolers will soak up the content while learning to read.  read more »

Anarchy: A Pamphlet


by Errico Malatesta

This zine is part of the Boston Anarchist Black Cross distro.

Infinite Strike


The Institute for Experimental Freedom's European appendages and friends are proud to release an English translation of “La Grève Infinie” (Infinite Strike). This text was written on Oct 27th 2010 from within the events transpiring throughout the French strikes and blockades.  read more »

Voices of Resistance from Occupied London #2


October 2007

“Urban struggles and revolts across the world”

Illustrations by Athens artist Leandros.

Of Martial Traditions & the Art of Rebellion


by Seaweed

from the Quiver Distro

Becoming-Woman & I have Even Met Happy Drag Queens - Felix Guattari


"I think it’s important to destroy “big” notions like woman, homosexual…
Things are never that simple. When they’re reduced to
black-white, male-female categories, there’s an ulterior motive, a binary-reductionist operation meant to subjugate them. For example, you cannot qualify a love univocally. Love in Proust is never specifically homosexual. It always has a shizoid, paranoid component, a becoming-plant, a becoming-woman, a becoming-music."

To Have Done with the Massacred Body


"We can no longer allow others to repress our fucking, control our shit, our
saliva, our energies, all in conformity with the prescription of the law and its
carefully-defined little transgressions. We want to see frigid, imprisoned, mortified
bodies explode to bits, even if capitalism continues to demand that they be
kept in check at the expense of our living bodies."

Dragon and the Hydra, The: a historical study of organizational methods by Russell "Maroon" Shoats


We just redesigned this title first put out by Chicago ABC. The text is a short but excellent historical study of African and Amerindian movements in Jamaica, Suriname, Haiti, and the Southern US, with a focus on the decentralized organizational forms that made these rebellions against colonialism possible. Shoats particularly takes the vanguard party model to task, drawing on both historical evidence as well as the later writings of Black socialist C.L.R. James to criticize this organizational method.  read more »

For Community


An introduction to the communitarian anarchism of Gustav Landauer

by Larry Gambone

Red Lion Press 2001

Crazy Rasberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle


This miniscule manifesto is a reworking of Jayson Tx's older zine, entitled "When the ants stop marching one by one". As with my other zine "For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!, a goblincore primer", this zine is kind of a joke. But, you know, not really. Crazy Rasberry Ants are a wonderful model for revolutionary struggle and change. Hopefully, with a touch of humor and a sense of deep gravity, this zine shows how and why.


On the Concept of History / Theological-Political Fragment


Walter Benjamin's seminal “On the Concept of History” and “Theological-Political Fragment” typeset for easy reading.

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