Mirror of Production, The (Jean Baudrillard)


In this essay, Jean Baudrillard elaborates a radical critique of Marxism through its deployment of productivity and value (abstract labor, and deductively, useful labor—or Man, “man as labor”—value in general). The two-fold character of labor is a necessary conceptual tool for analyzing the capitalist mode of production, but to the question of how to destroy the capitalist mode of production, it offers little. Rallying behind one form of value does not aide the destruction of the system of value production.  read more »

Introduction to Civil War (Tiqqun)


"Society no longer exists, at least in the sense of a differentiated whole. There is only a tangle of norms and mechanisms through which THEY hold together the scattered tatters of the global biopolitical fabric, through which THEY prevent its violent disintegration. Empire is the administrator of this desolation, the supreme manager of a process of listless implosion."

"Tiqqun is the becoming-real, the becoming-practice of the world. Tiqqun is the process through which everything is revealed to be practice, that is, to take place within its own limits, within its own immanent signification. Tiqqun means that each act, conduct, and statement endowed with sense—act, conduct and statement as event—spontaneously manifests its own metaphysics, its own community, its own party. Civil war simply means the world is practice, and life is, in its smallest details, heroic."

The full text from the second issue of the French journal, Tiqqun. Complete with a new layout.

Military Strategy of Women and Children, The by Butch Lee


Now, in this exploration, we are moving onto the ground of meta-politics. Wild, vast and more primal than the little, fenced-in plots of what amerikkka calls "politics." From the rape bordellos of the Balkans to the mass murder by AIDS in Afrika, women are being pushed to understand men's society and, most importantly, ourselves, in a different way. The longest Amazon journey begins today.

Download At: (47.5 mb)

This book may be copyrighted.

Silence and Beyond


"Beyond the carnage, suicides and miscellaneous irregularities, beyond all these strange gestures that provide us with so much encouraging news of commodity civilization’s decomposition, and consequently of the deaf advancement of the Imaginary Party, we lace a high importance on the form of the manifestations of negativity that invent a new active grammar of contestation."

Bring the War Home


A play produced by Insurgent Theatre in January of 2005.

If you'd like to produce your own version of this play, the author would love to help. Find contact info in the file. Thank you.

Paint the Town


Script for a play produced by Insurgent Theatre summer of 2008 - spring of 2009.

If anyone is interested in producing their own version of this play, i'd love to help. Contact information inside script.

Ulysses' Crewmen


Script and essays for a play Insurgent Theatre has been touring North America with since Sept 2009.

If anyone is interested in producing their own version of this play, please contact the author. I'd love to help.

Let's Spit on Hegel by Carla Lonzi & Rivolta Femminile

Picture 2.png

Text from "Italian Feminist Thought: A Reader", includes two text published in 1970 by the group Rivolta Femminile, their first manifesto & "Let's Spit on Hegel" written by founding member Carla Lonzi.


What is Anarchism? by David Graeber


Excerpt from Graeber's "Direct Action."

Tiqqun - Theses on the Terrible Community


Everyone knows the terrible communities, having spent time in them or being within them still because they are always stronger than the others. And because of that one always stays, in part – and parts at the same time. Family, school, work, and prison are the classic faces of this form of contemporary hell. But they are less interesting as they belong to an old form of market evolution and only presently survive.  read more »

To Work or Not to Work? Is That the Question?


by Gilles Dauve

On The Concept of History


On The Concept of History, by Walter Benjamin

This Is Not a Program


Tiqqun's "This Is Not a Program", written in October, 2001.

Museum of the Streets


Foundational text by Abbie Hoffman of the Yippies! on guerrilla theater, creative actions, and generally subversive communication.

The Democratic Mystification


The Democractic Mystification

by Jacques Camatte

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