Women and the Subversion of the Community


"We must discover forms of struggle which immediately break the whole structure of domestic work, rejecting it absolutely, rejecting our role as housewives and the home as the ghetto of our existence, since the problem is not only to stop doing this work, but to smash the entire role of housewife."
- Mariarosa Dalla Costa & Selma James, Italy, 1971

Raw Materials for a Theory of the YoungGirl


The pretty version.

Laugh of the Medusa, The

cixous cover.jpg

“When the “repressed” of their culture and their society returns, it’s an explosive, utterly destructive, staggering return, with a force never yet unleashed and equal to the most forbidding of suppressions. For when the Phallic period comes to an end, women will have been either annihilated or borne up to the highest and most violent incandescence. Muffled throughout their history, they have lived in dreams, in bodies (though muted), in silences, in aphonic revolts.”

Helene Cixous



“The law on the hijab is a pure capitalist law. It orders femininity to be exposed. In other words, having the female body circulate according to the market paradigm is obligatory. For teenagers, i.e. the teeming center of the entire subjective universe, the law bans any holding back.”

Alain Badiou

Sex, Race, and Class

sex race and class cover.jpg

“Nothing unified & revolutionary will be formed until each section of the exploited will have made its own autonomous power felt.”

Selma James

Capitalism: A Very Special Delirium


"underneath all reason lies delirium, drift…"
an interview with Deleuze and Guattari

1914: One or Several Wolves?


from deleuze and guattari's a thousand plateaus:  read more »

Man Who Could not be Hanged, The (and other True Incredible Stories from Charles Fort)

Man who could not be hanged - print-1.jpg

Here I've compiled some accounts of the paranormal that may interest anarchists, especially those interested in the power of the mind and the nature of the spirit. I've prefaced them with a short rail against the scientific paradigm inspired and accompanied by Charles Fort, English poet and "the man who invented the supernatural." (Although, of course, the supernatural is simply the natural which is rejected by science!)  read more »

City in the Female Gender, The

City in the Female Gender-1.jpg

The City in the Female Gender.
By Lia Magale.

Gender Trouble

Gender Trouble Book-1.jpg

"There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original"

Enjoy the J Butts friends

Some whores and hooligans.

Theses on Cultural Production

Theses on Cultural Production3-1.jpg

The Theses on Cultural Production was written/spoken by the Union of Industry and Leisure and uploaded to the web Feb. 2010 is now a wonderful little pamphlet you can print, fold and distribute everywhere. Courtesy of

Coming Community, The


For your viewing (and printing) pleasure, we present the Coming Community by Giorgio Agamben... this zine will look really, really cool poking out of your sidebag, especially if you "splurge" on the color cover. Trust us.

Part of a series of 3... the rest coming soonish...

p.s. Puh-leease, ms. F.A.G., that scan is hella obnoxious! love anyhoos.

Why We Still Have a Lot to Learn


by the Trapese collective out of the UK, this is a chapter on anarcho-education from their book "Do it yourself; a handbook for changing our world"

affective disorder - journal of common notions - spring 10

ablsh yr slf

[affective disorder [in the spring of a still-born decade]]

a friend once said:
no revolution is going to be generated
out of systemic
or structural laws.

we are on our own, and what we do
we have to do for ourselves.
we are the denizens
of a strange epoch,
the ‘given’ in a surreal situation.

while knowledge of space and time has been democratized, the
modes of inhabiting them (the modes of being) are controlled
more intensely than ever before. while sharing of information
is ubiquitous, understanding and love appear empty at best – at  read more »

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