Fire to the Prisons #10


For Life//Not Survival
Winter 2010-11

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What is the point?
Pg. 2

Justice: A Dead Word
Pg. 4

Insanity is Only Appropriate -A. Lunatic
Pg. 11

Take your mark, get ready, ablate: 3 positions against prison -August O’Clairre
Pg. 18

Chronology of Prisoner Resistance
Pg. 25

Anti-G20 Resistance in Toronto -Zig-Zag
Pg. 31

Oakland Disgraced. Tensions Re-Ignite: An interview with a Bay Area Resident
Pg. 37

Pg. 40

Barefoot Bandit
Pg. 57

Reundancy Equates Death -Marat Reckham
Pg. 59

Discover More on your Own
Pg. 63