Open Letter To The Mother of Remi Fraisse


The following letter by Farid El Yamni – brother of Wissam, who was killed by police in 2012 – is addressed to the mother of Rémi Fraisse (21), murdered by police in the early hours of October 26th, 2014. Wissam El Yamni (30) was brutally assaulted by cops in Clermont-Ferrand on New Year’s Eve, before being taken into custody.  read more »

Where Do We Meet Face To Face?


Killing King Abacus
Summer 2001


A Movement of Long Knives


Death in June, Alternative Nationalism, and Building A New Antifa

Originally published November 2014 on Libcom.org


Living and Fighting



Compiled from various translations, originally appeared as a chapter of “This Is Not A Program,” Tiqqun #2, 2001


Guns, Cars, Autonomy


The following is a transcript of a conversation between two friends shortly after the insurgency in Ferguson, Missouri. (+++) was there and (***) wasn’t, but both of us have participated in anti-police uprisings in the last several years on the West Coast and in the Midwest.  read more »

Andrea Smith - Dismantling Hierarchy, Queering Society | The Combahee River Collective Statement

This pamphlet contains both Andrea Smith's article "Dismantling Hierarchy, Queering Society," as well as "The Combahee River Collective Statement."
Imposed for printing as a pamphlet. Flip on short edge!

Peter Kropotkin - Chapters 1-3 of "The Conquest of Bread"

Chapter One: Our Riches
Chapter Two: Well-Being for All
Chapter Three: Anarchist Communism
Imposed for printing.

Michael Bakunin - The Paris Commune & the Idea of the State

Excerpted from Bakunin on Anarchy. Imposed format for printing.

Karl Marx - Wage Labour & Capital

This pamphlet contains a version of Marx's “Wage Labour & Capital.” Black Rose-Rosa Negra Western Mass is distributing this pamphlet because it is important that we learn the relationship between us who must sell our labor, our time and effort, in order to survive (and often survive miserably and unjustly) and those who live off of what we do, the capitalists.  read more »

The Socialist Gun Review Vol 1 Iss 2

Socialist Gun Review Vol 1 Iss 2

Contents for Issue 2 of The Socialist Gun Review:

Gun News & Current Events - PAGES 4 & 5
SELF-DEFENSE by General T.A.C.O. - PAGE 7
International Women’s Day: Oppression trans-formed into revolutionary power - PAGE 15
John Brown: revolutionary - PAGE 16
Gun Control, Mental Illness, and Black Trans and Lesbian Survival - PAGE 19  read more »


I <3 Workplace Theft

I <3 Workplace Theft front side

Originally written by CrimethInc. with the title “How to Justify Workplace Theft,” here’s the text edited and redesigned as a letter-size (8.5″x11″) tri-fold brochure. Perfect for leaving in the nooks and crannies of workplaces.

Text:  read more »

The Struggle of the Mill Girls: Class Consciousness in Early 19th Century New England

A pamphlet using Marx's first volume of Capital to study the history of the class struggle of the Lowell and Lawrence young woman workers against the paternalistic capitalists. Perhaps serves as an intro to thinking of the concrete application of Capital's categories.

Thug Comix: Inspired Creativity Returns!

Page 1 thug comix (should be 5 pages in all)

Thug comix, anti-copyright; a zine of sorts, tho certainly not in the classic sense. Just a comic.

Basic rundown, a nutty dude, tired of the thug vibe, endeavors to experiment with his budding creativity. Amid cat-calls from OGs, he surprises and invigorates a usually CIA-manipulated culture into an evolutionary approach that has everyone going bananas!  read more »

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