OFC Zine #1: The Halloween Issue


This is a feminist zine put out by OCC's Feminist Club. Issue 1 is Halloween themed! Inside you'll find articles about feminism, halloween costumes, and horror films as well as poetry and statistics about gender inequality

xTome 1

News and information about religious freedom and persecution

Autonomous Resistance to Slavery and Colonization

Autonomous Resistance to Slavery and Colonization

two essays by Russell "Maroon" Shoats

not yr cister press

Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers: Organizing For Survival and Revolt Amongst Gender-Variant Sex Workers, 1950-1970

Queens, Hookers, and Hustlers

A selection from Mack Friedman's "Strapped for Cash: a History of American Hustler Culture."

From the Introduction:  read more »

Queer Prisoners of War

queer pows.jpg

Addresses and information on 5 queer prisoners of war. Addresses current as of 2/16/13.

How It Is To Be Fun

A zine written to new participants in black blocs. Contains tactical suggestions and other practical advice.

LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution


LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution by the French journal Négation

Originally published in English in 1975 by Black & Red. This edition published in 2006 by re-pressed.

Cover Your Forehead! And Other Lessons from Pax

Tactical lessons from the case of Portland area anarchist Pax's recent court case.

Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair

03/16/2013 - 12:00
03/17/2013 - 16:00


The Armory Community Center
1800 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


Brav_a #1 a queer-feminist teen-mag


Brav_a {spanish: fierce, rough, angry, brave} is a queer-feminist zine, with partly serious, partly ironic content about topics like love, sex, (body-, relationship-, hetero-, homo-) normativity, polyamory, the queer-feminist scene and much more in style of a teen-mag. The zine is bilingual meaning that about 50% of the texts/comics/etc. are in German and 50% in English.  read more »

Submit to our zine: POINT OF NO RETURN

02/14/2013 - 00:00
03/15/2013 - 23:59


Anarchists are made and not born. Many of us have stories about specific
moments or experiences that marked a turning point, something that made
us become anarchists, or realize we already were anarchists. We want to
hear your stories.

Write and tell us about what pushed you over the edge. Send us your  read more »

Fix My Head – Issue 3: RAD PUNX OF COLOUR

FMH 3 cover.jpg

Featuring RAD POC’s, including Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress/VHS), Kaila Stone (End of A Year/Self Defense Family/Ten Speed Bicycle/Tortura), Mimi Thi Nguyen (Race Riot/Slant/Slander/Maximum RockNRoll), Cristy C Road (artist/writer/Home Wreckers, Indestructible/GreenZine), Mariam Bastani (Senior Co-ordinator, Maximum RocknRoll), Daniela Capistrano (POC Zine Project), Chris Zizzamia (writer/Swear  read more »

Traning Men to be Rapists

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.17.42 PM.png

An explanation of how Rape Culture trains men to rape, and then excuses and normalizes it.

Facing the Unknown: Selections from Insurrection Magazine

Selections from Insurrection Magazine, compiled in the San Francisco Bay Area late 2012. Full PDFs of Insurrection Magazine can be found online at http://325.nostate.net/?p=443  read more »

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