Ecological Effects of Roads, The


by Reed Noss PHD

reprinted by Roadblock Earth First! (Bloomington, Indiana)

Download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/ecological-effect-of-roads.pdf (7.95 mb)

Burning Porcupine - Anarchist Convention in Grafton NH

07/14/2008 - 00:30
07/25/2008 - 00:30

There will be drinking, burning things, sitting around BSing, bands,
toilets and showers in the woods, talking about the revolution, and of
course a giant burning rodent It'll be one big party. Lloyd is going to
do a naked fire dance. Tim Condon is going to prance in a gorilla suit
to do: a circle of liberty, poetry reading, lead a Scrabble tournament,
readings of patriotic documents, MC a magic show, a libertarian play.
Wookie skydiving is on the schedule. There's a possibility of
warm-weather jello wrestling. Get your nails done by illegal nail  read more »

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Anarchism and other essays - Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman - Anarchism and Other-1.jpg

Formatted for zine printing.  100 pages, or 25 sheets of paper.

Voltairine de Cleyre Reader, The


Building PP/POW Subsistence Programs


by ABCF Patterson NJ

Student Life and Other Contradictions

An inqury into the value of modern education

Student Movement of 1968, The


by George Katsiaficas

download at:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/student1968.pdf (10.7 mb)

SolFed Industrial Strategy

Stateless Socialism: Anarchism


by Mikhail Bakunin

Fight Standardized Testing

leave them blank


Squat Zine

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