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Mutual Aid: An Introduction and Evaluation by Iain McKay

Mutual Aid

Based on research done for his introduction to the new Freedom Press edition of Kroptokin's Mutual Aid this longer essay from Iain McKay expounds not only on Kropotkin's work but on science writing in general, encompassing Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and Matt Ridley among many others.

Remembrance, Revenge, Revolt (updated)

On Transgender Day of Remembrance
Baltimore, 2012

Why Civilization?

why civilization

This short zine is a basic introduction to anti-civilization ideas. It presents a concise argument for why civilization needs to go. It's designed to be easy to reproduce on a large-scale.


Collectives: Anarchy Against The Mass

Collectives Anarchy Against The Mass

This zine is a basic short introduction to collectives and the philosophy behind organizing collectively without hierarchy. It argues against the faceless mass-based organizing approach and in favor of a networked approach of small collectives with whom participants have affinity.

It's a reprint of an old article that appeared in Profane Existence.


East Bay Anarchist Bookfair

12/01/2012 - 10:00
12/01/2012 - 20:00

On Ohlone land, on December 1st of 2012 we will be hosting our first annual East Bay Anarchist Bookfair: Conversations & Books event. We want to talk about big things (like changing the world) and small things (like books). Join Us from 10 am - 8 pm on December 1st at the Humanist Hall for this free event!


Cunt Coloring Book

Cunt Coloring Book

Over 3 dozen cunts of every size and description for you to color. Originally used for a sex education class. Crayons not included. A book by Tee Corinne.

Light of my Life: Adventures in Low-Power Lighting

A zine that focuses on LEDs; what's good about them, what they're good for, a tutorial on how to make your own light, and even a haiku! A fairly practical zine with some nice writing.

Negate City — Computer-Readable Passed Gas

Negate City — Stains on Silence


Negate City — Stains on Silence

Negate City — Passed Gas


kaput: capitalism for anti-capitalists


What is capitalism, exactly? And can we destroy it before it destroys us?

Based on a series of participatory workshops. An introduction to economics, finance, and the theory of capitalism, for anti-capitalists. No previous exposure to economics necessary.

Volume 1: workshops 1 to 4 (84 pages)
Volume 2: workshops 5 to 7 plus reading guide (80 pages)

All-in-one version: not zine formatted.

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