Power Shift 2013 - Problems and Solutions

This zine was distributed at Power Shift 2013 in so-called Pittsburgh, PA. It raises serious questions and concerns about the status of Power Shift. Is Power Shift actually helping or hurting the movement? Read the zine to learn more.

Airstrikes Threat On Syria! Third World War? No War But The Class War!


Airstrikes Threat On Syria! Third World War?

No War But The Class War!

http://www.autistici.org/tridnivalka/wp-content/uploads/CW-2013-09-Airst...  read more »

Farm or Die

Farm or Die cover

Tree Spiking-A Manual

Diversion Number 1, June 1973

Note: Scanned from the print original, 2013. The print edition of Diversion Number 1 contains an unnamed section with 6 articles followed by a section titled The Practice of the Truth, which contains 5 articles. A leaflet inserted in the print edition, titled Beyond the Crisis of Abstraction and the Abstract Break with that Crisis: The S.I., is included here as a third section.  read more »

Nothing Humane About Animal Slaughter - By Shaun Riley


Often, the methods used to slaughter animals for human consumption are promoted as being “humane.” By using this euphemism, the meat industry justifies enslaving and murdering countless sentient animals, such as cows, pigs, and chickens each year in factory farms, while society lives with the guilt free illusion that cold-blooded murder can be carried out with compassion.  read more »

Sister Be Strong #0 (English Version)

Sister be Strong cover

The English translation of the Indonesian zine Sister Be Strong, including personal accounts of such issues as unplanned pregnancy, domestic violence and growing up gay in Indonesia

Fly Fishing The Lifetime Sport

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Quercus Agrifolia vol. 1 Issue 1

First issue of Quercus Agrifolia!

A zine dedicated to raising issues of cultural appropriation and racism amongst people practicing herbalism; increase the practice of herbalism amongst marginalized people - especially people of color, queer folks, youth, and city/suburb dwellers.

In this issue:
Making Herbal Cough Syrup from White Mountain Sage & Elderberry!
Using Cheese Mallow!  read more »

Theses on Identity Politics

One-page formatted flier of Theses on Identity Politics, from Queer Ultraviolence.

Anti-Oedipus: From Psychoanalysis to Schizopolitics [Semiotext(e) Volume II, Number 2, 1977]

Anti-Oedipus: From Psychoanalysis to Schizopolitics Semiotext(e) Vol. II No. 3 1977

Libido Unbound: The Politics of 'Schizophrenia' by SYLVERE LOTRINGER
Energumen Capitalism by JEAN-FRANCOIS LYOTARD
An Antisociology by JACQUES DONZELOT
Analysis in Power: A Few Foucauldian Theses by JOHN RAJCHMAN
The Body Is the Body by ANTONIN ARTAUD  read more »

April Political Prisoner Birthday Poster 2013

April Letter Writing 5.jpg

Please Print this out and write to these prisoners. Better, post it publicly and use it to host a card writing night. Tragically, there are four more people on this poster than there were last April. Let’s make sure to show them lots of love and support for their first birthday locked up.

Keep on fighting,
Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Strategies for Survivors

Zine cover

One-page double-sided zine by the Philly Survivor Support Collective about healing from sexual assault, accountability, and community. Also available at http://phillysurvivorsupportcollective.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/strat...

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