Privatization - The Quiet Redesign of Our Schools

Corporations and the very wealthy are pushing for a complete redesign of our public education. Education is being seen as a commodity to be bought and sold, rather than a right. Some privatization is out in the open (like charter schools) but some is hidden behind words like "choice," "accountability," "reform," and "teacher effectiveness." This article exposes some of the trends.  read more »

Trangressive Ability

In my own words, I explain how society treats men like we're disabled women and how to fight back at those stigmas. I think it is reasonable to offer my discourse as well.

Mutual Aid: An Introduction and Evaluation by Iain McKay

Mutual Aid

Based on research done for his introduction to the new Freedom Press edition of Kroptokin's Mutual Aid this longer essay from Iain McKay expounds not only on Kropotkin's work but on science writing in general, encompassing Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould and Matt Ridley among many others.

Remembrance, Revenge, Revolt (updated)

On Transgender Day of Remembrance
Baltimore, 2012

Why Civilization?

why civilization

This short zine is a basic introduction to anti-civilization ideas. It presents a concise argument for why civilization needs to go. It's designed to be easy to reproduce on a large-scale.

Collectives: Anarchy Against The Mass

Collectives Anarchy Against The Mass

This zine is a basic short introduction to collectives and the philosophy behind organizing collectively without hierarchy. It argues against the faceless mass-based organizing approach and in favor of a networked approach of small collectives with whom participants have affinity.

It's a reprint of an old article that appeared in Profane Existence.

Cunt Coloring Book

Cunt Coloring Book

Over 3 dozen cunts of every size and description for you to color. Originally used for a sex education class. Crayons not included. A book by Tee Corinne.

Gruß an unsere Freund_innen und Genoss_innen Hafenstraße 09.11.2012

Gruß an unsere Freund_innen und Genoss_innen – die heute nicht unter uns sein können – auf der Abschlußkundgebung der Demonstration „ Mietenwahnsinn stoppen“ und im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „25 Jahre Barrikadentage“ am 10. Nov. 2012 vor den ehemals besetzten Häusern in der Hafenstraße.

Light of my Life: Adventures in Low-Power Lighting

A zine that focuses on LEDs; what's good about them, what they're good for, a tutorial on how to make your own light, and even a haiku! A fairly practical zine with some nice writing.

Negate City — Computer-Readable Passed Gas

Negate City — Stains on Silence


Negate City — Stains on Silence

Negate City — Passed Gas


Negate City — Wildcats in the Appalachian Coalfields


kaput: capitalism for anti-capitalists


What is capitalism, exactly? And can we destroy it before it destroys us?

Based on a series of participatory workshops. An introduction to economics, finance, and the theory of capitalism, for anti-capitalists. No previous exposure to economics necessary.

Volume 1: workshops 1 to 4 (84 pages)
Volume 2: workshops 5 to 7 plus reading guide (80 pages)

All-in-one version: not zine formatted.

Hafenstrasse - Hier spricht ein ehemaliger Hausbesetzer!

Im November 1987 stand Hamburg kopf: Um die Hafenstraße wurden nachts Barrikaden errichtet, bürgerkriegsähnliche Zustände drohten. Volker G. (48), heute Familienvater, Bautechniker und Hostel-Betreiber auf St. Pauli, war damals einer der Hausbesetzer. Erstmals schildert ein Ex-Bewohner die Ereignisse aus seiner Sicht – ein subjektives Interview.

Krawall fuer ein anderes Leben

Hafenstraße-Krawall für ein anderes Leben

Primal Permaculture as Anarcho-Primitivist Theory!

Just the start of some interpretations of permaculture and it's use in an anarcho-primitivist world... done for a friends zine but I want to see this evolve so much more.

Comments and total critics welcome at

Mulch love!

Wildcrafting In The New World; Anarcho-hrrbalism!

Wildcrafting in the new world;

Anarcho-hrrbalism and its practice!

Intervention - the Right against the city

“Reclaim our cities”. “Self-organise”. “Take neighbourhood action”. Consider these slogans for a moment. Sound familiar? Indeed they should, echoing as they do a body of scholarship (e.g.  read more »

Broken Teapot, The - a critical analysis of current "accountability" models


This is the first essay in the new anthology "The Broken Teapot" a critical analysis of current accountability models.

The Broken Teapot- Anonymous  read more »

Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy - The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures

The Ethical Slut

If you've ever yearned for love, sex, intimacy beyond the limits of conventional monogamy, The Ethical Slut will open you up to infinite possibilities. Relationship pioneers Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy dispel myths about sluthood and show you how to maintain a successful polyamorous lifestyle through open communication, emotionally honest, and safer-sex practices.  read more »

On the Genealogy of Morality by Friedrich Nietzsche

On the Genealogy of Morality

Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most influential thinkers of the past 150 years and On the Genealogy of Morality (1887) is his most important work on ethics and politics. A polemical contribution to moral and political theory, it offers a critique of moral values and traces the historical evolution of concepts such as guilt, conscience, responsibility, law and justice.  read more »

Against Prison, Politics, Society

Some thoughts on prison, society, political prisoners and snitching from an insurrectionist point of view.

Mutiny 67

Mutiny 67 Web-1.jpg

Mutiny is a collective based in Sydney. We produce a zine in order to explore different avenues of disobedience and resistance, and to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions and experiences. Check out our blog here -  read more »

Identity in Crisis


A text from baedan: a journal of queer nihilism. Identity in Crisis address capitalism's ability to recuperate positive queerness and speaks of queer negation.  read more »

Mutiny 66

Mutiny cover

Mutiny is a collective based in Sydney. We produce a zine in order to explore different avenues of disobedience and resistance, and to encourage people to write about their ideas, actions and experiences.  read more »

For the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters

For the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters

Providing an overview of the situation surrounding the currently imprisoned Pacific Northwest grand jury resisters, this 72-page zine also functions as a timely primer on grand juries in general.  read more »

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