Ever and Anon by Octavio Buenaventura


An occult, anarchist novella that explores the role of misfit artists in a post-revolutionary society.

Illawen, The


A short fable of early empire.

DANGEROUS SPACES: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense, and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender


A collection of communiques and theory surrounding issues of women's and queer violence, self-defense, and revenge.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at) riseup.net

Gender Anarky Zeen, Spring 2009


Gender Anarky's Spring 2009 zeen.


Kadun Kuvalehti, hetkinen 1/2012 zine


A Finnish language counterculture zine.

Wolfen - Full Unemployment Cinema screening notes


Integrated Security: The Manual

by Jane Berry

This may be copyrighted.

Tech Tools For Activists Vol. 1


More up to date version here:


Smashing the Orderly Party: an Anarchists' Critique of Leninism (READ)

Smashing the Orderly Party (Cover)


I would like to write down some thoughts regarding Leninism as a historical and theoretical position. I am writing to those who are willing to listen in hopes of refining a critique of authoritarian socialism. I do not have delusions that this short essay will convince anyone of something drastically outside of what they already believe or, at least, that is not my intention.  read more »

Privacy Resources

Outrage: An Anarchist Memoir of the Penal Colony by Clément Duval

Outrage - Clément Duval

“Theft exists only through the exploitation of man by man…when Society refuses you the right to exist, you must take it…the policeman arrested me in the name of the Law, I struck him in the name of Liberty.”  read more »

Prefigurative Organization, The


by Kim Keyser

There are a lot of ideologies, movements and
organizations which have tried to fundamentally
change the world. If we take a look around, we
quickly find out that this has not yet been successful:
the global society is marked by extreme poverty,
gruesome wars, enormous environmental crises
and deep social problems. In part, none of these  read more »

Nuestra Posición - Alianza Solidaridad Obrera (ASO)

Nuestra Posicion letter-1.jpg

Nuestra Posición

de Alianza Solidaridad Obrera (ASO)/ Workers Solidarity Alliance

(WSA) Actualizado en abril de 2009, traducido en junio de 2010.

La Alianza Solidaridad Obrera (ASO; Workers Solidarity Alliance, WSA) fue fundada en
Noviembre de1984. Esta declaración comunica nuestra perspectiva política. Esta declaración fue

Everyone to the Streets


Texts and Communiqués from the Greek Uprising

Quick guide for a revolution


“How to cook a peaceful revolution”


The #GlobalrEvolution has already began.

We’re together.

Legal Observer Training Manual



What Is the Legal Observer Program? 1
Who Are Legal Observers? 1
Responsibilities of the Legal Observer 1
Legal Observer Coordinator 2
Legal Observer Dress and Actions 2
Visibility 2
Teamwork 3
Objectivity 3
Interacting with Police 3
Preparing for the Role of Legal Observer 4
On the Day of the Action 5  read more »

Practical Security Handbook for Activists and Campaigns, A (v 2.7)


This guide is dedicated to all those who have died for freedom. Many have been
honoured; many, many more have no one to recall their sacrifice. It does not take
much to be a hero, just to stand up in the face of injustice, when the odds are
overwhelming, and stand firm for what you believe in. We honour them through our own
actions to preserve the liberties of others.

Anonymous Riot Guide


Due to the fact that there are countries starting to face their governments/regimes, a "Riot Guide" is needed as a how‐to guide to demonstrations. So this guide exists to rectify that situation.

Creative Community Organizing

Kahn - Creative Community Organizing - A Guide for Rabble-Rousers, Activists, and Quiet Lovers of Justice ocr-1.jpg

Once again, for public/feminist philosopher Elizabeth Minnich,
my partner and spouse of more than thirty years, my best friend
for over fifty, who carries on the work of her teacher, Hannah
Arendt, by trying to understand how and why decent people
sometimes agree to participate in sustained group violence; why
they sometimes choose to resist; and how democratic education  read more »

Philly Dudes Collective, The - Year One (And a Half)

Philly Dudes zine-1.jpg

The Philly Dudes collective takes stock of their workshops, activities and personal development as part of the struggle against patriarchy, sexism, sexual assault in Philly's Hard Core Punk Scene. Their aspiration is to create safe spaces for open, critical and honest discussion of masculinity and privilege and oppression more broadly. WIth a list of books and zines that may be useful.  read more »

Aktion Nr.29 Anarchistisches Magazin 05.1987 - Interview mit der Hafenstraße

Aktion-Interview mit der Hafenstraße 1987-1_0.jpg

Aktion Nr.29 Anarchistisches Magazin 05.1987 - Interview mit der Hafenstraße

Lyotard & the Political by James Williams

Lyotard and the Political

Lyotard and the Political is the first book to consider the full range of the political thought of the French philosopher François Lyotard and its broader implications for an understanding of the political.  read more »

Negate City — Guilty County (Updated)


Who Dat Is?: Masking Up with Long Cloth Things

Photo 29.jpg

A quick step by step guide to making scarfs and other long cloth thangs into a mask, with pictures!



The Hybrid Networking and Documentary Work of AREA Chicago

by Daniel Tucker

INTRODUCTION  read more »

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