Becoming Riot: some accounts and analysis regarding the 2008 Republican National Convention


If the RNC was a petri dish for social conflict, what have we learned? How can we generalize social conflict on our terms, to maintain and strengthen our collective power and autonomy?  This zine was compiled as an effort to forward this ongoing discussion, for futher experimentation.

Compiled by FRIENDS (criminal anarchists from Milwaukee)


Anarchism and Political Theory: Contemporary Problems


by Uri Gordon

Contact uri at riseup dot net  read more »



Common Action is proud to announce the publication of our newsletter Intersections. Written with regular people in mind, the newsletter strives to connect community issues to anarchist ideas, serving as a paper that any neighbor might find interesting, informative, and reliable. It can be left in laundromats and bus seats just as easily as a radical bookstore.

This issue's contents include:

Whose Streets? Gentrification in Seattle by Andrew Hedden and Jacquelyn Hermer

Northwest Anarchist People of Color Gathering: A Report-Back by Brooke Stepp  read more »

Pepperspray, CS, & Other ‘Less-Lethal’ Weapons

autonomedical collective

Pepperspray, CS, & Other ‘Less-Lethal’ Weapons used by Rioting Police to Suppress Dissent by the autonomedical collective (2007, pdf).

Print it using double sided printing, with 66% scale reduction in “landscape/horizontal” format. This will yield a small brochure that can be folded.

Keywords: Pepperspray, pepper spray, tear gas, mace, OC, CS, CN,taser, rubber bullet, concussion grenade, pepper ball, riot cop, repression, police brutality.

After DNC/RNC, fight ICE and support immigrant rights struggle: a call to action

After RNC, Fight ICE

Amazing anarchist organizing for the past couple years came out of the DNC/RNC.  Let's take this organizing, the networks, the friendships, and the momentum and organize and fight to strike down one of the most oppressive terrorist institutions of our time: Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  read more »

Cause commune no 22

Le numéro 22 de Cause commune, le journal de la NEFAC au Québec, est maintenant disponible sur le web. 4000 exemplaires papier de ce journal sont distribués gratuitement par des militantEs libertaires, membres ou non de l’organisation. Cause commune se veut un tremplin pour les idées anarchistes, en appui aux mouvements de résistance contre les patrons, les proprios et leurs alliés au gouvernement.  read more »

Contagious Liberation Oct. 08 issue


Contagious Liberation is a Free Portland Radical zine and newsletter, mostly centered around anti-capitalism and anti-authoritarian ideas.

Oct. 2008 Issue

Caravan to Black Mesa

No Olympics 2010

Freak Bike Fall



Dispossessed, The - Ursula K Le Guin


the whole book

No Parasan! #1



May Day 2008

Modesto Anarcho #9


Two year anniversary issue! Packed full with articles, direct action and repression reports, prisoner letters, and much more! Download and share with friends.

Download at: (14.8 mb)

And Now For Something Competely Different: A Radical Primer


This is the first project of the Purple Daisy Distro. There are lots of awesome kids in Kelowna, so we thought we'd fuel their fire. 

This project was inspired by two other zines we found.  The Disorientation Manual for Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington) and An Alternative Welcome Week Guide for McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario).  We lifted heavily from both.  So, thanks!  We hope it'll inspire other similar projects!

Purple Daisy

A Beginner's Feminist Pocket Dictionary [illustrated]


This zine is great for people who are interested in feminism, but are intimidated by the jargon.  As it is a mini-zine, they have to be cut and folded beforehand.  If you don't know how to fold a mini-zine, there should be plenty of online videos showing you how.

Words included are: Feminism, gender, gender role, misogyny, patriarchy, queer, sex, & sexism (hey, it's mini!)

Goin' Veg


Goin' Veg--an all-in-one guide to vegetarianism and veganism. Pass it on!

Mutiny #30


a paper of anarchistic ideas and actions

September 2008

back issues at:

No Parasan! #2


Autumn 2008


portada crisi.jpg

Enric Duran, long involved with anti-capitalist struggles in Barcelona, has publically announced his robbery of 492,000 euros from 39 different banks, and gone into hiding.  read more »

Ongoing Police Repression in Central Valley


What follows bellow is a small 4-page booklet produced by Modesto Anarcho Crew. It covers the ongoing police repression in the Central Valley of California. Included within is a time line of (incomplete) police killings, beatings, and tasings, as well as a report from Modesto Anarcho #1 about a successful Copwatch group that was self-organized in Ceres, CA. This publication is dedicated to the latest Central Valley victim, Joey Pinasco, 21, who killed by the CHP in Escalon CA in the summer of 2008. Please download, copy, and distro far and wide in Central Valley and elsewhere.  read more »

From the Kitchen: Sexism, Anarchism and Men

From The Kitchen.jpg

In what is perhaps a first for Aotearoa Pakeha anarchists (please let us know if that isn't the case) 'From the Kitchen' is a zine devoted to the discussion of anarchist mens relationship/response to the feminist movement(s) and our own sexist behaviour. The zine isn't about pointing fingers but instead is done in the style of critical self-reflection by the authors about sexism in their own lives.

Topics in the first issue include:

Me(n) and Pornography
Slugs in the Sandpit - The Gendered politics of the garden
Meat Robots Unite  read more »

Mentally Ill

Mentally Ill

Sometimes Things Get Confusing When You're Mentally Ill is a brief comix history of a revolutionary activist's struggles with depression, PTSD, abuse, marriage and fatherhood, recovery and struggling to reclaim a sense of self. It's cartoony but not light hearted. There is lots of potentially triggering stuff here. Consider yourself warned.  read more »

Absent Cause #1

I created Absent Cause to explore topics that resonate with me and many people whose work I respect and admire: underground cultures, radical politics, hidden histories, feminist and queer sexualities, and chosen families; the gothic, vampirism, horror, dark music and paganism; surviving abuse, coping with mental illness, self-harm, body image and suicidal feelings; and the incredible array of ways they intersect.  read more »

Contagious Liberation Sept. Issue


Contagious Liberation is a monthly newletter working group started out of the Portland Revolutionary Assembly, which is a anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian mutual aid network of groups in Portland, OR.

This issue:

* Portland Street Medics arrested at RNC

* Class Action Alliance

* Portland Grassroots Media Camp

* Radical History Series

* Events and more 


Anarchitecture: writings on architecture from an anarchist perspective


by Brian Heagney 2002-2004

So there I was...

a few weeks into my first semester of Architecture School and I was beginning to see everything through the eyes of anarchy, politics and social justice...

but especially anarchy

Tacoma, Immigration and the Northwest Detention Center: A Call to Action for Tacomans

ice news zine-1.jpg

and why you should care enough to get involved

Rivet 3 — Why Capitalism? A Basic Into to Anarchism


From Garage Collective, Aotearoa/New Zealand.  read more »

Justice for the Five #29


by The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban Five

September 2008

Struggle Is Our Inheritance: A Radical History of Minnesota, The


The WC has put out the first edition of a zine chronicling radical moments in Minnesota’s past.

Download At: (16.5 mb)

out of the closets and into the libraries - a collection of radical queer moments


A collection of radical queer moments - both widely celebrated and widely forgotten - from the past century. Histories are very much limited to the U.S. and Canada.

Antikristova predkožka

antikristova predkožka_0011.jpg

Pre deti a labužníkov  -  Antikristova predkožka - komix pre poriadnych teenedžerov:)

Jak se najíst a nezabít - Graham Burnett

jak se najíst a nezabít_0001.jpg

 - fajnovy booklet s krásnymi obrázkami, tonami receptov a užitočných informácií ako sa najesť a neubližovať. (česky)   read more »

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