Linchpin #1

This paper is published by Common Cause a new Ontario wide anarchist federation founded this September. At the first Common Cause Ontario conference held in Toronto we agreed to a basic policy document, a constitution, and a basic publication plan both online in terms of a website ( and a free printed newspaper which will be distributed in large numbers.

We also agreed to a structure for the specific conditions of Northern Ontario and to affiliate with, an international web publication project that unites over a dozen similar organizations from Chile to South Africa to Turkey.

Ahead of our conference we had declared that "Our intention is to begin the process of building an organization of thousands that will have a presence in every town, workplace and neighborhood across the province."

By the time of the founding conference we were still a long way from this eventual goal but dozens of people in ten Ontario cities have become involved with developing Locals in Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury, Windsor and Kitchener-Waterloo as well as other members around Ontario.

Please download the PDF of the paper ( at ) and print out and distribute copies of it. If you let us know how many you have done and where you are via the contact form at you'll make us very happy!

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