Linchpin #3

Common Cause is an Ontario anarchist organization that wants to see anarchists active in every town, neighborhood and workplace across Ontario. We have just published the third issue of our paper, Linchpin, online at You can download and distribute the PDF version from or read the articles online below


Free Robert Lovelace!
Robert Lovelace, former chief of the Ardoch Lake Algonquin First Nation, has begun a six month jail sentence for his role in peacefully resisting uranium exploration near Sharbot Lake this passed fall.

A Living Wage
full time job should keep you OUT of poverty, not IN it! Is that not
the cure prescribed by politicians and much of the public for poverty:
to merely have people who are homeless and on assistance get a job? Meg
R. looks at the issue of a living wage.

Book Review: The Free Women of Spain
Free women of Spain strikes its readers into thinking about equality,
empowerment community and revolution, Karine from the Hamilton local
delves in further to what sounds like a brilliant book.

Compelled To Remain Alien
the wake of racist remarks made by Toronto city councillor Rob Ford,
where he essentializes Asians and rhetorically suggests a 'take over'
by Asians, it is imperative that we look at the history of
discrimination and racism directed towards the Chinese, perpetrated by
governments and business interests, here in Canada. Edward W glances

Online Forums and Building Movement
is a moderated discussion board, set up by platformist anarchists. It
was set up for a number of different reasons, here one of the
moderators gives us her take on why the site was set up and what role
it can play in our movement.

Putting In The Dues
the Common Cause founding conference in September, 2007 we decided to
put in place a dues structure. This means that as members of Common
Cause we agree to, as our constitution puts it “pay 1% to 3% ”of income
according to the number of people financially dependent on the member
concerned. , explains Alex D.

The Colour of Poverty
is not just an individual problem of attitude toward a particular
group: it is also systemic and structural, inherent in institutions
such as the education, health, and justice systems. The Colour of
Poverty Campaign raises awareness of these inequalities and suggests
ways to work toward equality and inclusion in Ontario, explains Kathryn

The Dominion At 50
its recent very special edition on the tar sands, Greg McDougal picks
up a copy of the Dominion and looks at its radical media making.

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