Marshall Sahlins - Stone Age Economics

"This book is subversive to so many of the fundamental assumptions of Western technological society that it is a wonder it was permitted to be published. Calling on extensive research among the planet's remaining stone-age societies—in Africa, Australia and South-East Asia as well as anecdotal reports from early explorers, Professor Sahlins directly challenges the idea that Western civilization has provided greater 'leisure' or 'affluence,' or even greater reliability, than 'primitive' hunter-gatherers." —Whole Earth Review

1. The Original Affluent Society
2. The Domestic Mode of Production: The Structure of Underproduction
3. The Domestic Mode of Production: Intensification of Production
4. The Spirit of the Gift
5. On the Sociology of Primitive Exchange
6. Exchange Value and the Diplomacy of Primitive Trade

Stone Age Economics
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