На ножах со всем существующим


Вашему вниманию предлагается сборник «На ножах со всем существующим», в который вошли произведения «Вооруженная Радость», «Повстанческие анархисты против нового технологического порядка» и «Жизнь на кону» Альфредо  read more »

Анархия в Эпоху Динозавров


300 антиавторитарных антифашистов блокировали улицу Тверскую и прошли маршем от Пушкинской площади до Белорусского вокзала." "20 футбольных болельщиков переходили улицу Тверскую в неположенном месте и тем самым создал  read more »

Пылающие мечты наших жизней


В хаосе собственного существования мы - часть необъяснимого множества личностей, которые организуют подрывные акции и саботаж, планируют мятежи, от результатов которых сами же оказываются в шоке.  read more »

Towards an American Revolution

Towards an American Revolution-1.jpg

This book is a must-read for anyone serious about creating real, lasting change in the world today. It exposes the myths and lies about the U.S.  read more »

Spectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord & the Practice of Radical Philosophy by Richard Gilman-Opalsky

Spectacular Capitalism

Despite recent crises in the financial system, uprisings in Greece, France, and Bolivia, worldwide decline of faith in neoliberal trade policies, deepening ecological catastrophes, and global deficits of realized democracy, we still live in an era of "spectacular capitalism." But what is "spectacular capitalism?" Spectacular capitalism is the dominant mythology of capitalism that disguises its int  read more »

Dispatches from the Ruins: Documents & Analyses from the University Struggle, Experiments in Self-Education



I. Finding ourselves, Finding each other
Imaginary Committee, Communiqué no.2 | To Our Friends
Anonymous, Some passing thoughts on the Berkeley and Santa Cruz occupations, from someone who was there briefly
Inoperative Committee, Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation  read more »

Anonymous - Guide pour les Manifestants


Guide pour les manifestants confrontés à une répression les empêchant d'exercer leur droit fondamental de se rassembler. Il s'agit de la traduction du document original en anglais et en arabe ( Par Anonymous, pour tous. Il y aura encore besoin d'une version en espagnol. Rejoignez Anonymous:

Monsieur Dupont - Nihilist Communism: A Critique of Optimism in the Far Left

Nihilist Communism

Monsieur Dupont - Nihilist Communism: A Critique of Optimism in the Far Left (the religious dogma that states there will be an ultimate triumph of good over evil)  read more »

Magic of the State, The by Michael Taussig

New Complete Joy of Homebrewing, The


readable pdf on the joys of DIY beer home brewing.

by Charlie Papazian

Download at: (21.8 mb)

This book may be copyrighted.

Saul Newman - From Bakunin to Lacan: Anti-Authoritarianism and the Dislocation of Power

From Bakunin to Lacan.jpg

In its comparison of anarchist and poststructuralist thought, "From Bakunin to Lacan" contends that the most pressing political problem we face today is the proliferation and intensification of power. Saul Newman targets the tendency of radical political theories and movements to reaffirm power and authority, in different guises, in their very attempt to overcome it.  read more »

Saul Newman - Power and Politics in Poststructuralist Thought: New Theories of the Political

Newman - Power and Politics in Poststructuralist Thought - New Theories of the Political-1.jpg

Drawing on the theoretical concerns brought to light by the ‘poststructuralist’ thinkers Foucault, Derrida, Lacan, Deleuze and Max Stirner, Newman provides a critical examination of new developments in contemporary political theory: post-Marxism, discourse analysis, new theories of ideology and power, hegemony, radical democracy and psychoanalytic theory.  read more »

Saul Newman - The Politics of Postanarchism

The Politics of Postanarchism

Saul Newman contends that anarchism's anti-authoritarian egalitarianism informs the ethical and political terrain of contemporary radical struggles, particularly the global movement of anticapitalism. Yet he also argues that anarchism relies on an outdated epistemology and calls for a new direction in anti-authoritarian and emancipatory politics.  read more »

First Aid Made Easy


plenty of pictures.

This book may be copyrighted.

Military First Aid Manual

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